Star Atlas SAGE Labs Dev Tools is Now Available for Content Creators and Solana Builders
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Star Atlas SAGE Labs Dev Tools is Now Available for Content Creators and Solana Builders

Star Atlas is opening its doors to Solana builders and content creators by launching the SAGE Labs Dev Tools. Going forward, individuals will be able to integrate their decentralized apps and projects into the open platform. Meanwhile, this benefit is not limited to already-existing projects.

Developers will be able to use this open documentation to develop new apps and games. The new projects can be independent gaming options or integrated into Star Atlas. Individuals can also build programs with real-life use cases. There are no limits as to how much people can achieve using the dev toolset.

Details of the Star Atlas SAGE Labs Dev Tools

The Dev Tool consists of IDLs, contractual agreements, technical documentation, and SDKs about blockchain gaming mechanics. The consists of everything developers need to build, expand, and expand the current gameplay mechanisms. It is up to builders to decide whether they want to work with the current platform or build a new one.

In addition, the toolset enables everyone to play the entire game using its Application Program Interface (API). This means that they can build a separate frontend functionality for the game. Interested persons can download the complete Star Atlas SAGE Labs Dev Tool from the dedicated website.

This tool is accessible to every blockchain community, including Solana. In addition, players can integrate projects built on different blockchains like Ethereum, Avalanche, and ImmutableX. With blockchain gaming becoming more popular, Star Atlas wants to show the first real blend of crypto and gaming.

Benefits of SAGE Labs

Details of the Star Atlas SAGE Labs Dev Tools

While it is still an early access program, SAGE Labs is still an innovative idea. It will significantly deviate from the standard Star Atlas practice of purely on-chain gaming. Instead, it will be a hybrid system that integrates the security and ownership of Web3 to orthodox gameplay. The aim is to enable the team to reach more traditional gamers and introduce crypto enthusiasts to gaming.

Star Atlas SAGE Labs Dev Tools offers the following benefits:

  • Innovative blockchain integration.
  • Advanced fleet dynamics engine.
  • Real-time mining algorithm.
  • Starbase management system.
  • Creation and management of profiles.
  • Crafting of assets and dynamic resources management.
  • Local coordination and investor management systems.
  • Community-driven development.
  • Transparency through open-source gameplay mechanics.

While unveiling this system, Star Atlas also hinted that there may be further alterations to the toolset. The team may update the IDLs and contractual agreements to cover other areas of gameplay that are not considered in current bindings.

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