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Monsta Infinite Unveils Infinite Verse

Metaverses are becoming more popular in the world of blockchain gaming. In a bid to give gamers a wholesome experience, game publishers are expanding beyond the regular form of gameplay. Speaking of publishers, Monsta Infinite is definitely catching up with the trends. This game company is set to release the Infinite Verse, its very own metaverse. It made this known via an announcement on its Medium page.

Details of the Infinite Verse

Monsta Infinite will build the Infinite Verse on the Monsta Chain. This new version of the game will offer players freedom to be anyone and do anything they want to do. Looking to make your dreams come through? This metaverse offers endless possibilities. You will be able to create your own character, interact with friends, design your own identity and earn money while doing it. Players will be able to create a new life that is devoid of past mistakes.

At the unveiling of this new project, Monsta gave insight to the possible challenges it will encounter. It identified limitations of blockchain like transactions charges, gas fees and scalabity of blockchain technology. The gaming company understands that it will have to navigate these issues to pull off its new project. It is already considering certain measures to tackle these issues.

The development team is currently working on Juggy Swap and Juggy Pool. Juggy Swap is a swapping mechanism that will harmonize all the different tokens that players will use in the Infinite Verse. Juggy Pool will work with Juggy Swap to create an all-in-one exchange for the different needs of all users.

This project will also be incorporating technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. It will even include machine learning as the project develops. Asides these features listed above, Monsta Infinite will continue to improve the Infinite Verse to meet the demands of players. At the unveiling of this project, the company did not fix any date for its release.

Mini Game Prize Pool

Infinite Verse mini game prize pool

While we anticipate the release date of the Infinite Verse, do not forget the upcoming mini game one million US Dollars prize pool. This mini game prize pool is a social media community game. The aim of this prize pool is to increase the Monsta social media community significantly. Monsta Infinite did not give any further details. However, it will most likely hold via the game’s social media platforms. Ensure to follow Monsta on all social media platforms and turn on the notification.

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