Gensokishi Announces Details of Marketplace Maintenance Completion
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Gensokishi Announces Details of Marketplace Maintenance Completion

Gensokishi announced this morning at around 11 am UTC their Marketplace maintenance updates! This maintenance focused on solving critical issues and balancing class skills.

They also announced to look forward to having new classes in May. But Gensokishi didn’t introduce any classes in this update.

Major updates announcement

Here’s a detailed overview of the game updates. 

No more Dragon classes 

Did you or did you not like Dragon classes? Whatever the case is, you will no longer have Dragon classes after this update. However, you can wait till May 2023 for Gensokishi to introduce new classes. 

Class skill adjustment

Gensokishi prioritizes in-game balance with this update by adjusting class skills. In addition, they will place an NPC quest — for players to obtain a “Pearl of Skill Tree Reset” per character — in Elrond Mall. 

You can visit the official website for more details on the class skill adjustment. 


Reimbursement for a bug

Gensokishi also announces to reimburse for a bug between 30th November 2022 and 27th January 2023. Due to the bug, the Right Hand Body Part for Cosplay Gears and Base Gear’s CND decreased when players used potions or related items. 

How will this reimbursement work? 

The Gensokishi team will distribute a “Right Hand Body Part for Cosplay Gear” to each account created during the above period. And the CND of the Right Hand Cosplay Gear will recover to 100% while using the tool. However, the tool will recover 16% of the total CND when using the tool on Cosplay Gears SETUPs. 

Gensokishi is also planning to provide the same amount of food gone missing from the Postal Storage in rare cases, along with the Cosplay Gears reimbursement. Players who have experienced this bug will get Tuna, Salmon, Toro, and Salmon Roe as compensation. 

New updates about NFTs 

It is a massive update for owners who couldn’t export in-game items! As mentioned earlier, you will get NFTs if you are one of the owners. Gensokishi briefly describes the procedure in their announcement. However, you must note that Gensokishi will send the NFTs to the player’s wallet. You can use the NFTs once the scheduled system maintenance is done. 

Additional changes implemented post-maintenance

Gensokishi has implemented minor changes, such as adding Stun and Silence buff icons and adjusting the UI to improve the gaming experience. Gensokishi has listed a brief list related to the in-game balance and skills. You can check them out on their website.

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