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Monsterra Game set to Launch New MAG Earning Mechanism

The multi-chain NFT-based game platform, Monsterra Game, has announced plans to launch a new MAG Earning Mechanism and MAG Revenue Sharing for its community.

Players will be able to maximize profits through Direct MAG earnings, MAG rewards, and the fifth Battle Mode for NFT minting.

What is MAG Vault?

This is a new and innovative feature Monsterra Game plans to release in its upcoming update. It will enable players to obtain MAG token rewards according to their MAG revenue for the previous day.

According to the game platform, many players are unable to claim MAG rewards because the pool burns out quickly and the rewards were not distributed equally among players. This has caused unbalanced profit generation and distribution in the community. 

However, MAG Vault will rebalance the profit-claiming stream. It will also equalize MAG rewards for all players according to their contributions to the pool. 

monsterra game

How MAG Vault Works

MAG Vault has a 28-day cycle. During this period, players can burn their NFTs in the Vault and get accumulative points for each burning. They can then exchange these points for the MAG rewards.

It is worth mentioning that the more points a player accumulates, the higher the MAG rewards they will receive. Players can use their current NFTs to win new NFTs during the Vault burning.

They can also play games and take part in different events to win. According to the game platform, the Vault will enable its community members to use their in-game NFTs in one of three ways.

  • Sell NFTs on Marketplace
  • Permanently burn NFTs in exchange for MAG Vault stakes
  • Play Monsterra game with NFTs

Why Should You Join MAG Vault?

MAG Vault brings several benefits to the community. These benefits include the following:

  • Direct earning stream of $MAG: Gamers can earn MAG easily through the accumulation of points and exchange the same for reward tokens.
  • Everyone has equal MAG earning opportunities: Everyone who contributes to the pool will earn based on their contributions. This earning model ensures earlier claimers do not withdraw the entire MAG in the pool leaving nothing for players who arrive later.

What is MAG Revenue Sharing?

This is a revenue-sharing mechanism where the total MAG tokens used by players in the game are recorded as MAG revenue. These include breeding, upgrading, skipping quests, skipping time, and others. 

A part of the revenue is shared among players where 85% goes to MAG Vault, 10% goes to MAG Staking, and the rest is burnt.

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