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MOBOX Releases MOMOverse Update v1.1.9

MOBOX, a cross-platform gaming metaverse, has released new updates, MOMOverse v1.1.9, to give users a better game and transaction experiences on its platform. The new update was launched at 10:00 am UTC on June 2.

The updates cover MOMO fragments and MO boxes, MO Boxes open and withdrawals, MOMOverse optimizations, and MOBOX platform optimizations. The details of the new updates are enumerated as follows:

MOMO Fragments and BO Boxes Trading on MOMOverse

On the release of the new version, users can trade MOMO fragments and MO boxes in the MOMOverse marketplace. To complete this transaction, navigate to the marketplace and click on β€œMarket” and then β€œProps”.

Follow the prompts to complete the transaction process. It should be noted that the transaction process will be similar to that of material trading.

MO Boxes Open & Withdrawals

Users that participate in the MOBALL gameplay will have the opportunity to open or redeem their earned MOMO fragments and MO boxes in the backpack. Users will get a MOMO in return for opening their MO boxes.

The quality of the MOMO received by users will be equivalent to the MO box they open. They will also receive the same quality of MO box for the MO box fragments they redeem. Users can find the tutorial on how to transfer MOMOs from MOMO farms and then to MOMOverse on the official website of MOBOX.


More Updates on MOMOverse

A lot of features are optimized on the game platform. They include the following:

  • Backpack: Items displayed are optimized
  • MOBall: Gameplay is optimized
  • Marketplace: Market notice is also optimized
  • MOMOverse Survivor: The bugs are fixed
  • Collection: Collection experience is optimized
  • Emoji: You can send quick emojis out
  • Setting: New function to hide other avatars is added

Updates on the MOBOX Platform

Game multi-opening functions and game windowing are added to the MOBOX platform. The login and logout are also optimized for improved user experience. The error notice system on the platform is also optimized.

MOBOX will also release a new version of its platform, which will have four new sections. These are Games, Community, Learn, and Launchpad. According to the game metaverse, each section will come with extra surprises.

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