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Four Gods Releases New Updates: 06/02 Patch Note

The play-to-earn, NFT-based game platform, Four Gods, has released new updates as of June 2, 2022.

The updates include the Four Gods event, added packages and items, system improvements, and bug and error fixes. Here are the details of the updates.

When and what’s in the Event?

Four Gods announces its Green Gem Purchase event, which is scheduled to take place from June 2 to June 16, until the regular maintenance on the platform. The game platform announces that people that buy the Green Gem Package will receive an additional Green Gem as a reward.

To claim the reward, buyers should click the “Receive Rewards” button after completing the purchase transaction. You can get an Evil Elimination Gear when you buy 6,800 Green Gem. Another update on the event is the Tower of the Departed 1F Unlimited Pass Crafting Event.

The event is scheduled to hold from June 2 to June 9 at 11:59 pm UTC+0. The event is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Participants can craft the five Tower of the Departed 1F Unlimited Passes at each of the servers.

four gods

Added Packages and Items

Items and packages added to the game platform include the following:

  • Codex Growth Packages: The price of this is 200 Green Gem and it is available through the Special Offer Package in the official shop. 
  • There is also Enhanced Package III added and this goes for 2,000 Green Gem. It can be found in the Limited Package in the Shop. 
  • Inventory Expansion Ticket is also available in the Red Gem Shop. The price for this is 200,000 Red Gem and 2,000,000 Red Gem, depending on the option you go for. 
  • The platform also added Mount Summon Stele in its Special Summon Shop and the price for each is 3,500 Green Gem.
  • Legendary Gear Crafting Material Draw is also available for 990 Green Gem. It is available in the Special Summon section of the Shop.
  • Four Gods also added Repair Spell Package, which is sold for 5,000 Green Gem. It is available in the Limited Package section of the Shop and can only be bought three times a week.

System Improvement

Four Gods game platform made some improvements to its system. They include the following:

  • Registration of Essence in the item Codex
  • Increased Daily/Weekly Mission Super Clash Score
  • Increased PK loot chance and reduced PK penalty
  • Changes to 4vs4 Arena Weekly Reward and others.

Bug and Error Fixes

Some areas where bugs and errors are fixed on the game platform include Lux Tokens, Material items, Aspect equipment, Warlord Glove’s HP stat, and display errors, among others.

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