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Axie Infinity – Lunacian Codes Public Testing Goes Live

Axie Infinity, the popular play-to-earn NFT-based game metaverse has launched its new universal referral program. The platform announced that the public testing for Lunacian Codes public testing is now live, which is the experimental referral program of the game metaverse.

The funds for the program testing are said to come from the ecosystem fund. According to Axie Infinity, the team is testing the custom code implementation for creators currently and will share details of this later. However, creators can go ahead with the non-custom code registration to test the game right away. 

What are the Lunacian Codes?

The Lunacian Codes from Axie Infinity is a referral feature and a first-of-its-kind on the platform. It will enable community members to take part in the immense value they create with the on-boarding of new players and helping existing players in various ways.

The Lunacian Codes reflect the commitment of the game metaverse to reward the efforts of community members in on-boarding new players.

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How the Lunacian Codes Program Works

  • When you use a Lunacian Code, 1% of the 4.25% marketplace cost is sent to the referrer
  • Each month, Sky Mavis will utilize funds from the ecosystem to refund the Community Treasury for the total reward payouts used during the month.
  • 4.25% of the code not used will go to the Community Treasury
  • The feature is the preliminary step towards the increase in the onboarding exercise that will happen with the improvement of Origin and as the platform continues to add more new experiences.

Who can register for a Code?

Every Lunacian is eligible to register for a code. Participants are required to visit the registration form on the official Axie Infinity website. Using your marketplace account, log in to Zendesk and choose “Register for Lunacian Code” from the dropdown menu.

Next, complete the registration process and agree to the terms and conditions. You will get an email with your Lunacian Code. It is worth emphasizing that anyone can apply to get the Lunacian Code.

Also, anyone can apply your code to their account on the settings page on their marketplace account. Axie Infinity also mentioned that creating a Lunacian Code now will not in any way affect the ability of users to generate a custom code later. That is because it is possible to have multiple active codes at the same time.

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