Gala Games Last Expedition Early Access Goes Live
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Gala Games Last Expedition Early Access Goes Live

Gala Games has launched the Last Expedition for specific users to have early access. These selected persons will have priority admission to this new build. This is a significant improvement as only Node Operators could join the playtest option.

Earlier on, Gala Games launched the Early Access tokens. At the time of the initial release, not many people had access to these tokens. However, the number of holders has increased recently. Following this increase, the team decided that it was time for a new era. To properly achieve this milestone, Gala Games migrated its operations to the Galachain.

In order to ensure a seamless experience for players, there will be several modifications to the system. A new Early Access Token NFT will be minted, while the original version will be phased away.  Considering this factor, players should avoid buying or selling the original version.

Details of the Gala Games Last Expedition Early Access

Details of the Gala Games Last Expedition Early Access

There are various ways to get early access to the Last Expedition. They include operating a node or owning an Early Access Token. If you meet one or more of these requirements, proceed to open an account on Epic Games. The reason is that this build is hosted on the Epic Games platform.

After creating an Epic Games account, users can proceed to download the Alpha version of the game. Those with an existing account can simply log in. There will be a supporting article from the game to guide players on the step-by-step process.

Meanwhile, anyone interested in joining this adventure can also get an Early Access Token. To do that, simply purchase the Hunter’s Early Access Pass at the Gala Store. Users who purchase this digital item will find a shiny token and other virtual assets inside.  For those who would like to obtain one, the cost of this pass is $50.

On the other hand, there is still an opportunity for people to become node operators. These individuals will need to purchase the Summer Operator’s License Bundle from the Gala Games Store. Anyone who buys this license will receive a subscription to the OP mod club, 4 Early Access Tokens, and a Forest Snapper OP Mod predator. Furthermore, these people will also be able to begin running their own servers.

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