Spider Tanks Patch 1.4 Goes Live to Upgrade the Arena
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Spider Tanks Patch 1.4 Goes Live to Upgrade the Arena

Spider Tanks is releasing Patch 1.4 to improve players’ experiences within the game. This update will focus on upgrading various aspects of the Arena. In addition, there will be other balances and general improvements to ensure a well-rounded gameplay. The essence is to ensure that in-game mechanics are optimized.

Arena Upgrades in the Spider Tanks Patch 1.4 Goes

In this new update, Spider Tanks is changing the Drop Pods mechanism. Going forward, captains will be able to redeploy pods from their previous build-up of drop pods. This modification will enable those with multiple drop pods to work with multiple pilots. In turn, captains will enjoy a more seamless gameplay experience.

Following the release of Patch 1.4.0, captains will see the “unpack” and “unpack all” commands while gaming. After a pilot uses any tank, it will remain in the drop pod until the pilot unpacks and returns them back. This approach means that captains can track the progress of each pilot before deciding whether to recall their in-game artillery.

Meanwhile, NFT owners can now use the “unlock” option to instantly recall an asset even after sending it to a pilot. Users can use this feature for free within the first 10 minutes after issuing the digital assets. Within this timeframe, the system will assume it is a mistake and will not charge you.

Once the period extends beyond ten minutes, individuals will have to pay the Arachnium cost to retrieve their drop pods. The base price is 5 Arachnium for the first 12 hours after sending out the vehicle. After that, the cost will increase by 5 Arachnium for every 12 hours it stays with a certain pilot.

Meanwhile, there are now a variety of periods for the deployment of Drop Pods. However, the durations will depend on the type and rarity levels of these NFTs.

Other Updates and Gameplay Modifications

Other Updates and Gameplay Modifications

Spider Tanks is also overhauling the killfield UI as part of the Patch 1.4 note. Henceforth, players can now utilize the following ways to score more battle points:

  • Dominating or destroying the same player twice in one match before they destroy your tank.
  • Drawing First Blood by destroying another player.
  • Getting revenge on a player dominating you by destroying them.
  • Scoring multi-kills during the course of a match.

Furthermore, the team is introducing the Freecam feature. Going forward, spectators can view exhibition matches from any camera angle they prefer. They will no longer be restricted to the line of sight of a specific player.

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