Project T Gets Expanded Access and Community Engagement Tools in Axie Infinity
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Project T Gets Expanded Access and Community Engagement Tools in Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity – The early model game Project T has received major updates since its launch. This includes a much wider whitelist access and new community items such as Axie Confetti, Building Voting, and Axie of the Week.

These three items are the latest additions, and we are sharing all you need to know about them. They let more players experience Project T while also giving them a say over the game world.

Opening Project T to More Lunacians on Axie Infinity

Project T access has is now also open for players who own 10+ Axies, including at least one Japanese, Xmas, or Shiny Axie. So, a lot more Lunacians than ever can explore the Project T prototype and give valuable feedback now as development goes on. Though still early, Project T has made big strides so that players can now enjoy live.

Introducing Axie Confetti Quizzes

Axie Confetti quizzes test players’ knowledge of Axie and Ronin lore for chances to win prizes. Speed and accuracy are the key factors when it comes to winning. Axie Confetti events will run on Mondays and Wednesdays, so be sure to come and flex your Lunacia expertise against others!

Opening Project T to More Lunacians on Axie Infinity

Building Voting Arrives

Building Voting lets players shape how Project T grows by picking new buildings for it. So, this month, the votes decide which Axie class gets an exclusive clubhouse on the platform. Players can earn votes when they complete monthly quests. The winning building will be a part of the game world. So, you can take part in a new and exciting vote option every month!

Axie of the Week Contest

A weekly contest starts on September 18th, where one Axie wins the title Axie of the Week plus a Japanese Axie prize. Players gain votes for their Axie through activities like training and feeding. The top 8 vote-getters advance to a final round where players vote using Blue Fame. Winners are announced each Monday!

Expanding Access and Agency

These updates on Project T by Axie Infinity empower more users to join and give them a say in the game’s future. Players can guide development and celebrate their favorite Axies through these creative and fun new features.

Project T is a symbol of an evolving metaverse emerging directly from the Lunacia community. So, it is about time that you join the game platform if you haven’t already and enjoy a whole new set of perks and benefits.

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