Genopets Step Battles Goes Live
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Genopets Step Battles Goes Live

Genopets is launching the Step Battles as part of a new addition to gaming opportunities for players. This new introduction is certain to make gameplay more exciting and create diverse avenues for users to have fun. In fact, it will revolutionize the way pet masters interact with their pets in this virtual world.

Step Battles are already available within the game, and everyone can access it. Even better, the team is adapting the competition to specific time zones. This approach will cover everyone and enable them to contest at their own pace.

Understanding Genopets Step Battles

Step battles are a new competition that is now an integral part of gameplay. Anyone familiar with the game understands the importance of taking a significant number of steps each day. At the end of the day, users will bank their steps to collect rewards. Following this recent review, the team decided to make things more interesting for participants.

Instead of the regular process where individuals take and bank steps routinely, Genopets is introducing a more competitive system. Going forward, people will receive better incentives for people who attain and surpass milestones. This implies that players who surmount their personal best will get additional rewards alongside the prizes for banking steps.

The system will also apply to beating other users in terms of the highest score. For a better understanding, think of it like a race of some sort. Rather than facing other contestants in a battlefield kind of contest, you simply have to outdo them.

Meanwhile, there is more to the scoring process than just banking more steps. The quality and rarity of your Genopet’s augment plays a crucial role in ensuring a better score. Therefore, players who want an advantage in bigger points should upgrade the level of their pet’s parts. More so, users can read the Genopet Level Up Guide to learn more details on how they can upgrade their in-game avatars.

How to Join Battles

How to Join Battles

Genopets is taking adequate measures to ensure that Step Battles are actual global competitions. One of the processes in place is by arranging players according to their specific time zones. Contestants will begin their races by 12:00 each day to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of winning.

In addition, there are no restrictions as to how many battles that players can engage in. Individuals can choose to join a public battle or a private one.

Furthermore, people can decide how long they want each battle to last. Duration can range from a one-day quick spring to a week-long marathon. Contestants can choose to wager on their own energy to raise the stakes even higher.

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