Crabada Final Arena Battles
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Crabada Announces Final Arena Battles With a 20,050 $USDC Prize Pool

Crabada has announced the launch of Final Arena Battles. Shortly before this update, the team shared the first of a series of letters from the Crabada team announcing that the game is approaching sunset. They also shared insights into future plans for in-game NFTs and the closure of the swimmer network. These three weeks long contest is part of the process.

Details of the Crabada Final Arena Battles

Crabada Final Arena Battles will begin by 00:00 AM UTC on the 24th of April. The series will continue for the next three weeks and end by 12:00 PM on the 14th of May. This competition will have more significant prizes and a larger number of winners. The reason is that the team is allocating the remaining proceed from Diamond transactions in the treasury.

Participants will earn from a prize pool of 20,050 $USDC within these 21 days. Each week will have its specific mechanics and reward system. There will also be different rules guarding player participation in each edition.

Week 1 will begin by 00:00 AM UTC on the 24th of April and run till 12:00 PM UTC on the 30th of April. Players will battle for the top 100 spots and an opportunity to share from a 5,000 $USDC prize pool. The maximum limit for this contest is level 1, and there will be no factional advantage. Arena tickets will refill in 30 minutes, and users can get a maximum of 6 tickets.

Week 2 will begin by 00:00 AM UTC on the 1st of May and end by 12:00 PM UTC on the 7th of May. The prize pool is 5,000 $USDC, to be distributed among 100 winners. This time around, the Crabada limit is level 100. There will be no factional advantage, and Arena tickets will follow the same pattern as the first edition.

Details of the Crabada Final Arena Battles

Week 3 is the final edition, and Crabada wants to go out in style. It will begin by 00:00 AM on the 9th of May and end by 12:00 PM on the 14 of May. Instead of the regular reward, the team is setting aside a prize pool of 10,050 $USDC. Similarly, the maximum limit is level 150. This enables players to power up their in-game characters to increase their chances of getting more compensation.

Speaking of reward, it will be shared among 200 players instead of 100. The same mechanism and rules will apply to the final series. There will be no fictional advantage, and tickets will refill in 30 minutes.

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