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Outlanders Discloses New Updates to Become the Most Complete Play2Earn Ecosystem


  • Outlanders is approaching the release of the public beta phase, a crucial milestone in the game’s development.
  • There are significant improvements in the user profile system and a developed enhanced matchmaking system for a personalized gaming experience.
  • A tournament system has been designed to take community engagement and competition to new levels.

Outlanders, the revolutionary Play2Earn ecosystem, continues to make steady progress towards its goal of transforming the gaming industry. This week, the development team has achieved several milestones that mark substantial progress in the project.

One of the highlights is the upcoming launch of the public beta phase of Outlanders Survive. This event marks a pivotal moment in the game’s development, promising to offer a unique gaming experience for players worldwide. The beta phase will provide an opportunity for players to test the game, provide feedback, and further refine the experience before the official release.

Additionally, the development team has been working diligently in several key areas of the project. Significant improvements have been made to the user profile system, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience for all players. Furthermore, progress has been made in developing an enhanced matchmaking system, which will improve connectivity and interaction among players.

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Outlanders Introduces a Competitive Tournament System

Another notable aspect of Outlanders’ development is the design of a tournament system, which will take community engagement and competition to new levels. This system will allow players to compete against each other in competitive challenges.

In terms of technical development, the team has made significant strides in implementing the MMORPG, creating a dynamic and immersive gaming world that will captivate players from the outset. New ideas and concepts are being explored to ensure that Outlanders delivers a truly unique and exciting gaming experience.

Outlanders continues to forge its path to success with each passing week. With the public beta phase on the horizon and exciting developments in all areas of the project, the team is more committed than ever to delivering a first-class gaming experience.

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