Metastrike DAO Announces 2 Huge Partnerships
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Metastrike DAO Announces 2 Huge Partnerships


  • Metastrike DAO Announces Strategic Partnerships: Metastrike DAO has formed two significant partnerships with BitMetis and Chainboost 2.0, aiming to create new opportunities in the blockchain gaming community.
  • Collaboration with BitMetis and Bounty Program: BitMetis will collaborate with Metastrike DAO to integrate advanced technology with the gaming community. Additionally, Metastrike DAO will host a bounty program on BitMetis’ platform.
  • Community Empowerment and Exclusive Rewards: Metastrike DAO, a community-driven platform, empowers its members with exclusive staking packages and decision-making privileges.

In a significant development, Metastrike DAO has announced two strategic partnerships with BitMetis and Chainboost 2.0, aiming to create unprecedented opportunities for players and developers in the blockchain gaming community.

BitMetis, a trailblazer in cross-game infrastructure development, is set to collaborate with Metastrike DAO. This partnership will integrate cutting-edge technology with a vibrant gaming community. BitMetis is revolutionizing how identity solutions are implemented across games with its innovative features such as the Social Wallet, ZKP-based DID protocol, deep learning data processing, and chain-agnostic solutions.

As part of the collaboration, Metastrike DAO will host an innovative bounty program on BitMetis’ platform. This initiative invites the community to engage in a series of tasks designed to foster community growth and generate buzz around Metastrike DAO. Participants stand a chance to win whitelist spots for Metastrike’s highly anticipated NFTs, which offer access to the DAO and unlock exclusive benefits within the Metastrike ecosystem.

On the other hand, the partnership with Chainboost 2.0 is set to provide the Metastrike community with an array of exclusive rewards and opportunities. Further details about this partnership are yet to be announced.

Empowering Players: The Metastrike DAO Community

Metastrike DAO Announces 2 Huge Partnerships

Metastrike DAO is a community-driven platform that places the power of game development directly in the hands of its players. By holding Metastrike DAO’s NFTs, members gain access to exclusive staking packages and the privilege to participate in critical decision-making processes. This inclusive approach ensures that the development of the Metastrike game aligns closely with the community’s interests and feedback.

Membership in Metastrike DAO unlocks a suite of exclusive rewards and opportunities. Members are privileged with the opportunity to be the first to access new product launches, receive complimentary tokens for their support of Web3 games, and secure early allocation slots for exclusive projects. These benefits are further enhanced by the strategic partnerships and deal flows provided by Metastrike DAO’s network of tier 1 VCs, KOLs, and partners.

These partnerships represent a significant milestone in the quest to create a more inclusive, player-centric gaming ecosystem. By combining Metastrike DAO’s community-driven approach with BitMetis’ technological prowess and Chainboost 2.0’s resources, this collaboration is set to usher in a new era of blockchain gaming.

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