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Everything you need to know to start playing Genopets

Genopets is a blockchain game that rewards people for living a healthy lifestyle. It utilizes the move-to-earn mechanism and compensates users for every step that they take within a day. It is also one of the pioneers of this new gameplay option. For those interested, this is a guide on everything you need to start playing Genopets.

What is a Genopets?

Genopets is a free-to-play and move-to-earn RPG project built on the Solana blockchain. During the course of gameplay, players are represented by in-game pets. They feed and play with their pets to keep them happy by taking steps or running.

Besides nurturing, you can use your pets to engage in turn-based battles. Challenging your friends to duels is a great way to improve your skills. You must bank all your steps at the end of each day to get your earnings. The rewards include food and toys.

You can use these winnings to craft NFTs for customizing and upgrading your avatar. In addition, you can also use your rewards to customize habitats for your pet.

What do You Need to Start Playing Genopets?

Start playing genopets

To those interested, here are the most important things you need to start playing Genopets:

  • A Genopet: This is your pet NFT that you can evolve, customize or level up while playing the game. It is an essential part of your gaming journey. Not to worry, you can get it for free by hatching an egg. Afterwards, you can groom it to increase its XP and value. All genopets are pre-evolved to stage 4 (or level 22).
  • Habitat: This is an NFT home for your genopet. You can purchase it from the marketplace. Players can also craft it using $GENE, $KI, a Terraform Seed and Genotype Crystals. While it is not primary, this abode offers additional benefits like earning $KI for every step you take. This token is crucial for crafting Power-Ups, Augments, Nurture, and Battle Items.
  • Digital Items: Refined Crystals and Terraform Seeds are semi-fungible tokens that serve as in-game boosts. You can combine them with different recipes to enhance gameplay. The former come in Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal elements. While the latter represents the breeding option available to players.

How to Start Playing Genopets

Looking to start playing Genopets? Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Genopets website.
  • Sign in by connecting your wallet. Ensure you have the Solana mainnet in your wallet.
  • Take as many steps as possible during the day.
  • Bank your steps at the end of the day to receive rewards
  • Use your rewards to upgrade your pets

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