Axie Infinity Deploys the Origin Update
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Axie Infinity Deploys the Origin SO Update

Axie Infinity has deployed the Origin SO update. This is a balancing patch to its newly-launched ecosystem. It will serve as the finishing touches to the game before launching Season One. These modifications follow the announcement that participants could upgrade their Mystic tickets.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origin SO Update

The balancing changes are the key takeaways from the Axie Infinity Origin SO Update. There will be changes to the Energy of players according to their turn to draw cards. There are so many reasons behind these modifications. For some of these power-ups, the win rate was low. Others did not provide any real value to their holders/owners. While for some, they were not really serving their original purpose.

Speaking of cards, they will now have the following effects:

  • Tri Feather – Attack all enemies and apply Doubt in 4 turns.
  • Scarab Target any enemy – Target any enemy and apply Heal Block for 2 turns.
  • Indian Star: 65 Shield. Target any ally. Next turn, for each hit that ally receives, reflect 40% of Shield lost. Limit: 1.
  • Scaly Spoon: 65 Shield. Target any ally. Next turn, for each hit that ally receives, reflect 40% of Shield lost. Limit: 1.
  • Grass Snake:  65 DMG
  • Cloud 35 DMG 60 DMG. If Initial, apply Silence for 2 turns.
  • Curly: Deal Pure DMG.
  • Pliers: Deal Pure DMG.
  • Cucumber Slice: Heal your team and apply 2 Healing Boost. Banish.
  • Pure Water: Retain. Target any ally. Banish. Limit: 3.
  • Lumber Shield: Retain. Target any ally. Banish. Limit: 3.
  • Bubble: Single and AoE attacks deal bonus DMG equal to 1.4% of target’s current HP per stack. Turn into Bubble Bomb upon reaching 4 stacks.

There are also changes to the following Runes:

  • Heart of Ocean: Solo. When your turn starts, this Axie gains 1 Bubble. Bubble Bomb detonated by this Axie deal x1.5 DMG.
  • Shady Exchange: “Solo.Energy +1 in Even Rounds. Add 2 Daze and 1 Void to your deck.”
  • Shield Backup: Solo. Increase Shield card’s effect by 15%. This Axie’s Shield isn’t removed when your enemy’s turn ends.
  • Rise and Ruin: Solo. Shielding cards of this Axie also restore HP equal to 100% of Shield gained but grant 35% less Shield.

Other Improvements

Axiecon Ticket Upgrade

Besides the modifications to gameplay, Axie Infinity will also be fixing various bugs through the Origin SO update. They include the following:

  • When the Silence Whisper does not neutralize the poison damage.
  • Where the status effect icon disappears, despite taking effect.
  • Players retaining the Pure Water and Lumber Shield.
  • Auto-end turn feature not working during turns 3 and 5.
  • Multiple stacks splitting into two instead of piling up as one.

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