Axie Infinity Off-Season Patch Update
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Axie Infinity Deploys Off-Season Patch

Axie Infinity has deployed an off-season patch ahead of the coming season. As with previous updates, the team took feedback from players and made necessary adjustments. They even went as far as explaining the mechanics of the new changes.

Axie is also introducing a new mechanic to give the player more power-up options. There will be a Town Hall to discuss the new booster via the discord server.

Details of the Axie Infinity Off-Season Patch

Axie Infinity entered into maintenance for the deployment of the off-season patch. There will be two phases to this update, as the changes are significant. The first part will be launched on the 23rd of November, while the other aspect will involve various card and rune/charm balancing changes.

Axie Infinity Notion Site

 Following this release, the following changes will take effect:

  • To encourage competition, the team will increase Axies base health point from 300 to 400.
  • The name of the “Return” mechanism changes to “Keep”. Instead of returning cards to the top of the draw pile, players will keep their card in-hand till the next turn.
  • There will be working of the Blood Moon mechanism. Henceforth, it will now permanently reduce the maximum HP of all Axies.
  • Energy Burst – a new mechanic, will be introduced to gameplay. This power-up enables players to outpace their rivals. However, they must use it at the appropriate time.
  • Players can now equip neutral charms with mixed potential points. The cost of equipping them will be the same as the card’s class.
  • Gamers can no longer dispel secrets. Instead, they will remove them using Arco and similar effects.
  • Users with multiple Axies will jow enjoy gameplay because it will no longer freeze when they load up the game.
  • In-game mail will no longer load emails from that account that logged in previously.
  • The system will now display pop-ups correctly to enable players to earn first time rank up rewards.
  • There will be new VFX and animations to accompany the crafting process.
  • Many other in-game elements will now feature animations to ensure a more immersive experience.
  • There be no more general mining fees. Instead, rarity levels of Runes and Charms will determine the prices.
  • List management is now easy as players can use the “Reject All” option to clear out their list.

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