The Sandbox Unveils 'Path to Glory': Plant Trees in the Metaverse to Preserve Real Forests
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The Sandbox Unveils ‘Path to Glory’: Plant Trees in the Metaverse to Preserve Real Forests


  • Path to Glory is a new experience in The Sandbox that promotes forest conservation.
  • Created in collaboration with WeForest, AFYA and PuzzleBros, each tree planted in the game will result in a real tree.
  • The launch is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22.

In an increasingly digitalized world, the integration of technology with environmental conservation becomes a powerful tool for change.

This is precisely the goal behind the Path to Glory initiative, a new experience in The Sandbox metaverse, launching on Earth Day, April 22.

The premise of Path to Glory is simple but powerful: for every tree players plant in the game, a real tree will be planted in the world.

This innovative concept is possible thanks to the collaboration between WeForest, AFYA and PuzzleBros, who have joined forces to create an experience that goes beyond entertainment.

The game will take players to explore the city of Addo, its National Park, citrus groves and forests in the Katanino and Malawi areas.

More than just a simulation, Path to Glory aims to educate players about the importance of forest conservation and the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.

The game mechanics are equally ingenious: players can purchase NFT virtual seeds within the game.

Each seed purchased represents a tree that WeForest will plant or protect in one of its conservation projects.

This means that every action within the game has a direct impact on the real world, with the player’s name engraved on every tree planted.

The Sandbox Unveils 'Path to Glory': Plant Trees in the Metaverse to Preserve Real Forests

The collaboration with WeForest, Sandbox and  AFYA is no coincidence

The organizations have significant missions in terms of conservation and community development.

AFYA is dedicated to child development in the South African township of Nomathamsanqa, while WeForest focuses on forest and landscape conservation and restoration.

The vision behind Path to Glory is ambitious but inspiring: to use technology and entertainment to catalyze positive change in the real world.

By pairing gameplay with environmental action, players are offered a unique opportunity to contribute to environmental conservation in a fun and meaningful way.

Path to Glory represents an exciting step forward in the convergence between the digital world and environmental conservation.

By joining forces with leading organizations in the field, The Sandbox demonstrates its commitment to creating experiences that not only entertain, but also inspire positive action and change.

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