The Red Village Partnerships with Phantom Galaxies and Quirkies
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The Red Village to Share 200 Champion NFTs to Phantom Galaxies and Quirkies Members

The Red Village recently entered into strategic partnerships with Phantom Galaxies and Quirkies. While the former is already a AAA world-beating web3 game, the latter is an art-based project looking to explore gaming. Part of this collaboration will see TRV share 200 Champion NFTs with members of these blockchain projects.

TRV is a dark-fantasy blockchain game inspired by Diablo, The Witcher, and RuneScape. This metaverse project holds various strategic auto-battler tournaments that are fun for participants. The devs are also working towards the release of Darklands. This is a player-controlled dark-fantasy battle royale RPG that involves fast-paced gameplay.

Besides the traditional form of gameplay, there are also free gaming options. These are free tournaments that do not require users to stake $WETH. This is an excellent avenue for them to develop their skills and suitable strategies without losing their capital.

Like with all crypto games, The Red Village allows players to own their digital assets as non-fungible tokens. In this case, in-game characters known as Champions, which are necessary to begin playing. Each avatar has its unique bodily features and fighting traits. While players can quickly identify the physical attribute, they cannot easily tell the fictional character’s battle strengths and weaknesses.

How to Get from The Red Village 200 Champion NFTs

The Red Village 200 Champion NFTs

The Champion is a very crucial part of playing TRV. However, not everyone can afford it. This is why The Red Village is partnering with Phantom Galaxies and Quirkies to offer 200 Champion NFTs to specific individuals for free.

To benefit from this opportunity, you must be a verified member of the partners mentioned above. This means you will have one Quirkies NFT or two Phantom Galaxies NFTs in your wallet by 17:00 EST on the 19th of January, 2023. In addition to this feature, you must not have played TRV before.

If you meet the criteria mentioned above, follow these steps to stand a chance of getting these free NFTs:

  • Fill out this Google Form. The team will use the details you input to verify your eligibility.
  • After filling out the form mentioned above, join The Red Village Discord Server.
  • If you are eligible, TRV will send you a brand new and unnamed Champion for free.

Note: The first 60 lucky people will receive their Champions within 96 hours. However, the other 140 participants will have to wait for 14 days before getting theirs.

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