Genopets Update v.0.7.2 Goes Live to Enable Better Customization
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Genopets Update v.0.7.2 Goes Live to Enable Better Customization

Genopets has launched the update v.0.7.2 in a recent patch note. This upgrade promises players better measures to customize their pets and share their in-game adventures. The reason is that the team intends to enable newbies to become seasoned veterans. To achieve this, they are introducing simple features that everyone can easily implement.

The aim of digital assets in GameFi is to enable owners to have complete control and ownership. This means that they can personalize these in-game items to their taste. However, this has not been the case with Genopets for a while now. In this regard, the team is introducing several features that will enable people to customize their assets as they deem fit.

First of all, individuals can now remove the Augmentation from their pets. This initiative was born from participants who joined the beta test. There were complaints about antennae and wings. This is why the game grants owners the power to add and remove any component that they want.

Genopets Update v.0.7.2 for Better Modifications

Genopets Update v.0.7.2 for Better Modifications

Perhaps, you want to upgrade a body part to become more sophisticated. This helps to improve the class and unlock new variants of that Augment. To do this, users must combine multiple qualities of augments with similar class and variants to create a new and better one.

Follow these steps to upgrade your pet parts:

  • Access your inventory.
  • Select the Augment you want to upgrade. This body part must have the sign “upgrade available” on it for the process to work.
  • Click on “upgrade”.
  • Select “upgrade” a second time to verify the process. Players will burn 500 energy to complete the process.
  • Access your improved augment in your inventory.

Well, people do not have to discard any augments that they either do not need or are not currently using. Instead, people can recycle these body parts and trade them in for energy. Each augment can be traded in for 2,000 Energy. Meanwhile, they can use the energy they earn to harvest KI tokens or level up their avatar.

Below are the steps to follow when recycling genopets body parts:

  • Visit your inventory page.
  • Select the Augment that you want to recycle.
  • Click on “Recycle Augment”.
  • Select the number of that particular augment that you want to recycle.
  • Click on “Recycle Augment” to trade in the body parts for energy.

Another feature that is coming with the genopets update v.0.7.2 is the ability to change colors. Unlike the previous modification, this attribute enables players to revert to the custom color of their NFT. Furthermore, they can use these measures to reset their pet’s color even after using a Chroma Crystal to modify it.

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