Friendship Blooms Between Crypto Unicorns and Sunflower Land
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Friendship Blooms Between Crypto Unicorns and Sunflower Land

This new collaboration between Crypto Unicorns and Sunflower Land brings together two charming blockchain games for a limited-time promotion filled with delightful prizes.

Now Crypto Unicorns is teaming up with the popular farming game Sunflower Land for a special crossover event.

Exciting Rewards Up for Grabs

From August 9-10, complete the Sunflower Land Unicorn quests for a chance to win one of 200 Crypto Unicorn bundles. Each bundle contains 2 unicorns and 1 land plot – the perfect starter kit for diving into Crypto Unicorns! Winners will be selected through a raffle and announced on August 17.

Then, lock your unicorns and land between August 17-19 to participate in a gathering quest. This gives you a shot at rare Sunflower Land NFT rewards like chickens, beavers, scarecrows and more. One extraordinarily lucky player could even win a golden egg! All gathering quest prizes will drop on August 23.

Exciting Rewards Up for Grabs

Claiming Your Crypto Unicorns Bundle

If you’re one of the 200 players who won a Crypto Unicorns bundle, you need to take some steps to add these magical assets to your wallet.

First, head to the claim page at From there, connect to the wallet you used for the Sunflower Land quests. Then you click ‘Claim’ and approve the transaction (requires Polygon MATIC). Finally, the bundle will now appear in your wallet.

Bringing Your Assets into the Game

You’ll need to lock your unicorns and land to use them in Crypto Unicorns. This is a quick and easy process, and you can do so when you visit and connect your wallet. There, you go to Inventory > Lands > Unlocked Lands and click ‘Lock’ on your new land.

After that, go to Inventory > Unicorns > Unlocked, and lock each unicorn. So, your land and unicorns will now be playable in the metaverse!

Starting a Gathering Quest

Gathering quests allow your unicorns to harvest resources around your land. You can do that by entering your land and clicking ‘View’ for a closer look. Then, if needed, build a Gathering Cart from the Build Icon. After that, click the cart, select ‘Gather’ and choose a unicorn.

For better rewards, feed berries matching the unicorn’s class before gathering. Finally, click ‘Gather’ and your unicorn will be off collecting items!

Explore the Crypto Unicorns Realm

Now, you’re ready to fully explore your new unicorns and land. The game platform offers endless adventures in farming, breeding, jousting and more. Paired with beautiful Sunflower Land prizes, this event makes for a delightful summer promotion.

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