Spider Tanks Unveils A New NFT - "The Soldier"
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Spider Tanks Unveils A New NFT – “The Soldier”

Spider Tanks is unveiling The Soldier, a new digital vehicle that will raise the level of gameplay. Although it is one of the new rookie models, this tank has some significant pro features. Anyone who holds this digital asset can change the tide of battle in the twinkle of an eye by utilizing certain inbuilt attributes.

For example, The Soldier has a sniper rifle installed on top of its heavy metal structure. This makes it possible to take out enemies that seem out of reach. In addition, players can protect themselves by installing a helmet to protect its processor. Its tough shell ensures that it can take as much damage as possible. Having these two features makes this tank nearly indestructible.

Details of the NFT Sale

Spider Tanks also shared details of the NFT sale while unveiling The Solder. Players will be able to obtain this vehicle for themselves starting from 12:00 PM (PT) on the 15th of August. Meanwhile, there are different rarity levels, and each has its respective prices.

In addition, people can also purchase rifles, tracks, and helmets separately. People can buy tanks in retail or with custom weapons. More so, Spider Tanks is promising discounts to people who meet certain requirements.

Features of the Spider Tanks The Soldier Tank

Features of the Spider Tanks The Soldier Tank

The Soldier has some veteran features that first-timers may struggle with. For example, anyone who is not sharp and steady will have difficulty utilizing the sniper rifle and navigating the arena at the same time. However, anyone who masters how to use this weapon with precision will emerge victorious in most battles they engage in.

Below is a detailed representation of Level 0 of the Sniper Rifle installed on this tank:

  • Damage Type: Physical.
  • project damage: 4000.
  • Clip size: 1.
  • Reload time: 2.1.
  • Range: 26.
  • Projectile: 21.06.

The Soldier is a traditional tank and has unilateral tracks. This means that users will only be able to move forward and backward. In addition, it cannot just stop abruptly because it is a very fast vehicle. Instead, it may take some steps further before coming to a halt. Considering these attributes, the best way to use this vehicle is to keep moving.

Below are the details of the tracks of this Spider tanks NFT:

  • Armor: 9780.
  • Speed: 594.
  • Energy/s: 0.333.

As mentioned earlier, there will be a helmet that players can install on The Solder to ensure better protection. It is made from a thick chunk of carbon nanofiber material that helps to protect a user’s head and the tank’s processor.

Applying this digital item provides the following benefit:

  • Health: +2.5%
  • Physical resistance to damage: +2.5.

While these numbers may seem small, they can make a significant difference in battle.

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