Yield Guild Games and Base Team Up to Expand On-Chain Gaming Adoption
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Yield Guild Games and Base Team Up to Expand On-Chain Gaming Adoption

Yield Guild Games is teaming up with Base to make its quests a lot more specific and engaging. So, YGG players will be able to enjoy the ecosystem a lot more. We are sharing all the information on this new step from YGG.

What Exactly is Base?

Base is a project that helps people use blockchain easily. Blockchain is a technology that lets people share and store information securely. Base is supported by Coinbase, a big company that helps people buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Base helps developers make apps that use blockchain and reach many people who use Coinbase. So. It is great to see that Base also wants to make blockchain open and fair for everyone.

Yield Guild Games Platform

Yield Guild Games is a project that offers people the chance to play and earn from games. YGG lets players own, trade, and earn from their game items, such as characters, weapons, or cards.

It also helps developers and publishers make games that use blockchain and connect with many players. Furthermore, it has its own platform where players can do different tasks and challenges in different games and earn rewards.

Yield Guild Games Platform

How are YGG and Base working together?

YGG has put its platform on Base, making it one of the first projects to get a special token from Base. The token from Base shows that YGG is an early partner of Base and can work closely with them.

By putting its platform there, YGG can work with them and game makers to put out more fun and interesting tasks and challenges for players. This will make playing games more fun and rewarding for YGG players and the whole gaming community.

The Importance of this Collab

This venture is crucial because it shows how two projects can work together to make games better with blockchain. By using Base’s easy and cheap way to use blockchain, Yield Guild Games can give its players more chances to play and earn from their favorite games.

Base can also get more developers and users to use its project and help more people use blockchain. Together, the two platforms can help more people enjoy games better with blockchain.

How are YGG and Base working together?

A Highly Desirable Venture

YGG is working with Base to make on-chain gaming more fun and rewarding. This collaboration benefits both projects as well as the entire on-chain gaming community. You can learn more about the platform and its work with Base by visiting their online pages and site.

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