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Decentraland Releases DCL 2023 Manifesto

The first decentralized metaverse, Decentraland, has released its 2023 Manifesto: Year of the Creators. The manifesto focuses on the foundation goals, DAO updates, roadmap for creators, and major Decentraland events to look forward to in 2023.

According to the game platform, its goals for 2023 are to help content creators to unleash their creativity and make the game more fun. It will ensure that the metaverse becomes the go-to hub for intuitive, fun, and safe immersive social connections for users.

Additionally, it plans to improve performance to ensure users enjoy an immersive and smooth experience in the metaverse even on low-budget phone devices.

Highlights of the Manifesto: Year of the Creators

Content and experiences are crucial to building a compelling metaverse in Decentraland. Therefore, creators on the platform are an integral part of its ecosystem. These are artists who deliver virtual worlds built on codes, shapes, and colors.

These creators craft experiences to be had, feelings o the world, Wearables for avatars, and Emotes that transform them into expressions of the holder. These creators bring life to Decentraland. 2023 will see the Foundation empowering everyone in its community to become a creator. 

It will do this by offering accessible resources and tools they can use to create anything they imagine in Decentraland. It will eliminate barriers that restrict creativity and ensures artists’ works are easy to monetize.


Highlights of Roadmap in 2023

Every creator will be recognized and empowered in Decentraland in 2023. For instance, Scene Developers will have access to Decentraland Editor, SDK 7, and SDK Playground. They will have every resource they need for greater control over the camera, triggering avatar animations through scenes and creating smart wearables.

They will be able to access documentation and tutorials to guide them into effective creation. Wearable and Emote Creators will also have immersive tools, including Builder UX Improvements, Themed Campaigns in the Marketplace, FIAT Payments, and Better Discoverability in the Marketplace.

Highlights of Major Events in 2023

Decentraland reiterates that its platform is built for and by its community. Therefore, any user can create and contribute to Decentraland events. 

The community members should look forward to many events with lots of engagement from renowned brands. However, community members can also create and host events in the metaverse. Some major events in the metaverse this year include:

  • Chinese New Year
  • DCL Film Club
  • DCL Birthday Celebration
  • Metaverse Fashion Week 23
  • Beauty Fest
  • Decentraland Pride
  • Hackathon
  • Halloween
  • Decentraland Music + Art Festival
  • Holiday Season
  • New Year’s Eve

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