Axie Infinity Adds Greenlight to Mavis Hub
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Axie Infinity Adds Greenlight to Mavis Hub

In a new development, Axie Infinity has added Greenlight to Mavis Hub, and that is an important step. It makes building apps alongside the community seamless. So, what you get is infinite games and infinite fun!

Introducing Mavis Hub: Greenlight

Mavis Hub is a place that launches playable pre-production games. These are built within the ecosystem by Sky Mavis, partners, and new developers. Today, the desktop app unveils Greenlight and its web version is coming soon. This update is required for all users.

Inside, players can playtest and vote for their favorite titles! So developers can get early distribution and feedback for their apps and games. It also builds community in Lunacia and the most popular Greenlight games can get grants, budgets, and join the Builder’s Program.

How to Try Greenlight on Axie Infinity

To give this a try, you need to update to the latest Mavis Hub v2.2.0. Visit the Greenlight banner to see available games. Install what you want to play, and then play and vote!

Getting The Greenlight

First, a community Axie game needs a complete core loop for one session. Developers submit these playable betas via a form, and a panel then reviews and lists approved games. Lunacians worldwide can then play them directly in Mavis Hub! Games that you can find on Greenlight right now are Mini Tri-Force and Culinary Wars.

How to Try Greenlight on Axie Infinity

Upgraded Builder’s Program

The Builder’s Program began in 2022 and is a key creative part of Axie Infinity. The team learned a lot, and now a key update is here for the program. Some of the current members have many positive things to say about the changes in the Builder’s Program.

Expanded Opportunities on Axie Infinity

Firstly, the platform will now support up to 20 builders instead of 10. This provides resources for more creative teams and ideas.

Secondly, the platform will also fund new participant scholarships. These will help provide access for passionate builders from all backgrounds on Axie Infinity.

Also, participants can allocate budgets toward their biggest needs. For some, it’s artists, and for others, it’s servers. So, builders can now choose what’s most important for them.

Finally, participants keep full ownership of their IP. Sky Mavis claims no rights, so builders retain creative control and revenue. So, the new Greenlight Program and the new Axie Builder will lead to a lot of user influx for the game platform.

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