Dragonary Organize Your Guild Guide
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Dragonary Issues Guide to Organize Your Guild

Dragonary is issuing a guide on How to Organize Your Guild. This tutorial comes after the launch of this new feature. The purpose is to encourage more players to become key stakeholders. In addition, these close groups offer users the opportunity to meet new people while gaming. Even better, interested persons do not need any specific experience to join.

What is the Dragonary Guild?

The Dragonary Guild is an integral part of the game’s internal process. Members will help to test new updates before they go out for public trials. They will check for bugs and other areas of improvement. Besides upgrades, these individuals will also get first access to incoming games. More significantly, being part of a Guild is the only way to access the Dragonary’s Official Tournaments.

This competition is the accurate representation of the Dragonary value – Competitiveness. Therefore, missing out on it means missing out on the essence of the game. In addition, Guilds will receive special prizes in the contest if their members take the top two positions. These rewards are separate from the individual compensation that the players themselves will receive.

How to Organize Your Clan

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Currently, the recognized units in Dragonary are Xcution, TNC, UDC and Dmoledores. You can also make your group official if you can organize your guild. Here are the steps to take if you want to complete this process:

  •  First, mark the name of your guild on the magic stones of Dragonarya. To do this, you will have to encounter a member of Coinary under the tree of life. During this mandatory and friendly meeting, ensure to turn on your camera.
  • After your experience above, you will find an assembly of your favourite people in a highly competitive game. At this point, you will be able to formalize your clan. However, you will have to meet the requirements.  If you do, you can create a name for your group that presents them as Dragon Tamers. To complete this process, fill out this form and register your tribe.
  • With your kin ready, you can start participating in competitions. As mentioned earlier, you do not need special experience to launch your own group. If you are having difficulty, you can always seek assistance from the Dragonary team. It is much better to contest when you have the assistance of your friends and teammates.

Depending on your in-game activity, you will get access to special events.  You will also be among the first to try out the Fantasy Racing game. After issuing the guide on how to organize your guild, Dragonary advises that players join an existing one.

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