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Axie Infinity Mobile App Passes Google PlayStore Review

Being part of the Lunancian community just became even more exciting. This is because the Axie Infinity Mobile App just passed the Google PlayStore review. In addition, the Origin ecosystem completed a transparency review successfully. This makes it the first GameFi scheme to do so. While making this announcement, the team also appreciated the members for their support.

At this point, it is safe to admit that Axie Infinity has become more than a game. Looking at how big the movement has become, making the project readily available to players is crucial. These days, most individuals access online services via their phones. More so, they prefer to do so via specialized applications than with an internet browser. This explains why Axie Infinity decided to make a mobile app version.

Details of the Axie Infinity Mobile App

Although the Axie Infinity Mobile App has passed review, it may not be listed immediately on the app store. It will be listed on the Malaysian PlatStore first when it becomes available. This will enable the team to continue testing and improving the game. Sky Mavis does not want to go all out. Instead, it is taking a gradual approach while gathering the necessary data.

Axie Infinity Mobile App Review

Part of the process will see expansion to countries and regions with similar demographics and player types. This includes regions like North/South America, Europe, and East Asia. According to the team, this approach will enable them to create mobile-optimized gameplay. When Sky Mavis is confident that the game is at its optimum, the blockchain firm will push out the product to other countries.

Meanwhile, one crucial feature to note is that the first edition will not have the full features. First of all, the play-to-earn mechanism will not be available. This means that players will not receive tokens when they win battles. However, this is not the making of Axie Infinity. Instead, the team had to comply with the current Google PlayStore policies. Recall that Coinbase had similar issues with the Apple App Store.

Nevertheless, the team remains committed to creating a platform where players are stakeholders and true owners of their assets. They will work with Google to see ways to work things out. However, the main focus is providing a new medium of gameplay/

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