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Sidus Heroes Announces the Longum Drop

Sidus Heroes has announced that it will be launching the Longum NFTs via an exclusive drop. This is part of an extension plan that includes testing new features that will change the course of gameplay. Not all users will need to purchase Heroes before joining the metaverse when these modifications take effect. This will cause more new players to join the game.

Meanwhile, ambassadors, early investors and similar individuals will try this option first. Their feedback will be crucial to further development and improvement. After the testnet is complete, the team will make it available to everyone.

Details of the Sidus Heroes Longum NFT Collection Drop

Sidus Heroes is launching the new Longum NFT collection drop specifically for subscription players. This differs from regular sales, as players can cancel their agreements anytime. Users who want to join the metaverse through this method will have to connect their wallets to the platform during their first-time access. The first month comes with free access. However, players will have to pay $25 worth of $SIDUS every month – from the second month.

Once the first 30 days expire, the system automatically deducts the payment price from your account. If you do not have the required amount of funds, the system will block you from executing the following actions:

  • Engaging in the matchmaking process
  • Investing in modules.
  • Opening new positions in the marketplace.

Once you make this payment, the system will allocate 3 unrelated NFT cards to users. They can use these assets like regular NFT players, from item trading to deploying them in battle. As with regular payment plans, players can always cancel their subscriptions. However, your assets will be frozen if you release any Hero from the Academy or Genesis collections. Users must restart their agreements to restart the process.

What can players do with these Heroes?

Sidus Heroes Longum Drop

This new crop of digital is open to all players, including those who already have regular NFTs. Although these digital items take a different payment plan, Sidus Heroes keep the benefit in mind. Meanwhile, this collection will not overtake the main NFT assets. Nonetheless, they will be able to perform the following functions:

  • Invest in modules
  • Deposit and withdraw tokens
  • Trade on the marketplace
  • Mine the Trantoe resources
  • Receive Gold and Silver tesseracts.

However, holders of these assets will not be able to do the following:

  • Replicate Heroes.
  • Sell Longum NFT cards on the marketplace.
  • Withdraw NFT cards to Layer1.
  • Receive genetic stimulants and Polygons.
  • Receive pre-silicon.

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