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Tap Fantasy Launches the Pro Player One Program

With the first season set to come to an end soon, Tap Fantasy is not wasting time in terms of player engagement. The game is already introducing the Pro Player One Program (PPOP). Despite the early announcement, this initiative will launch in the subsequent edition.

With the PPOP, the game is looking to expand its community and increase participation. This project will also ensure it retains those who contribute significantly to the DAO. The program is the first of its kind, where members will receive significant rewards. As the associates continue to grow, the prizes will definitely increase.

Details of the Tap Fantasy Pro Player One Program

The Tap Fantasy Pro Player One Program is a new long-term initiative. It involves working with five pro players called Tasking Adventurers from the community. Their role will be to enlighten the other members, by completing certain tasks that are assigned to them. During this process, they will receive various incentives while adding value to the DAO.

To ensure that the process is fair and transparent, the team will display every task. Although the details will be public, not every task will involve the community. Some aspects will involve just the participants themselves. This will include those that they can do within their clubs. Such as activities, content creation, or even in-game accomplishments.

Benefits of the PPOP

Nomad Exiles X Tap Fantasy

There are several upsides to this program. From the project as a whole to the participants. Even other members of the community will also benefit from this initiative. Without much ado, here are some of the benefits listed by Tap Fantasy:

  • For every task given, there will be a time frame. Any pro player that completes their assignment within the given time will get substantial rewards. However, the game did not specifically state out the compensations.
  • Another incentive is that the “Tasking Adventurers” will have a direct connection with the core team. This means they can have the advantage to receive the news and information about the game before other community members.
  • They will also get the Privilege to be the tester for upcoming game features and any other relevant functions.
  • Other benefits include exposure and traffic will be the exposure that participants will get. As they will appear regularly on the official Tap Fantasy social media platforms.
  • They will also become the admin of their exclusive guild channel on our official Discord server.
  • These individuals are also the representatives of their own guilds. Meaning that they will get to host some upcoming events.

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