The Sandbox Launches the Spring VoxEdit Contest
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The Sandbox Launches the Spring VoxEdit Contest

The Sandbox has launched the Spring VoxEdit Contest to usher in a new season. Creators have the opportunity to express themselves and win some $SAND as they enjoy the spring air. This competition is open to everyone who can capture the essence of this time of year, from professional designers to art lovers.

Details of The Sandbox Spring VoxEdit Contest

The Sandbox Spring VoxEdit Contest will run from the 20th of February till 11:59 PM UTC on the 5th of March. During this period, creators will develop avatars that are symbolic of the spring season. These must be fully animated assets whose backgrounds match the time of the year.

To join this competition, follow these steps:

  • Design a fully animated GIF asset using Gyazo.
  • Share a copy of your entry via a tweet using the #VoxEditWeekly hashtag, and mention@VoxEdit and @TheSandboxGame.
  • To complete the submission, fill out the form specific to your category.

For the first time, Sandbox will be having two categories of participants in a VoxEdit competition. In this regard, there will be two submission forms. The first is for the Regular VE contestants, while the other is for the beginner-friendly category. Participants should submit their works using the correct medium.

In a similar fashion, there will also be two separate prize pools. Sandbox will announce the results between the 6th and the 19th of March.

The regular VoxEdit prize pool is 15,000 $SAND. It will be shared among 10 players in this format:

  • 1st position: 6,000 $SAND
  • 2nd position: 3,500 $SAND
  • 3rd position: 2,000 $SAND
  • 4th to 10th positions: 500 $SAND each.

On the other hand, the beginner category will see 10 players receive the sum of 5,000 $SAND. Below is the sharing formula:

  • 1st position: 1,500 $SAND
  • 2nd position: 1,000 $SAND
  • 3rd position: 750 $SAND
  • 4th to 10th positions: 250 $SAND each.

Entry Guidelines for this Competition

The Sandbox VoxEdit New Version

Before joining The Sandbox Spring VoxEdit Contest, here are some essential guidelines you should know:

  • Do not submit low-quality or spammed entries to avoid disqualification.
  • Only use the VoxEdit Software for creating your design.
  • Avoid rebranding other people’s creative work as your own. Doing this will nullify your entry.
  • Contestants can partner with external brands to create digital assets. They can also add the logos of such brands. However, such NFTs cannot be listed on the marketplace.
  • Read and understand the VoxEdit Contest Guidelines before joining this contest.

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