Nakamoto Games Set to Enter the Chinese Market
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Nakamoto Games Set to Enter the Chinese Market

The Web3 Gaming Hub, Nakamoto Games, has announced plans to expand into the Chinese market. As part of its plan, the game platform will establish a community for Chinese users, translate its website to Chinese, and execute a nationwide marketing strategy.

It also plans to launch a new Chinese website and host events to onboard players in China. According to the game platform, Nakamoto Games has captured a huge audience across Southeast Asia, India, Central and Easter Europe.

However, its goal is to expand the GameFi world, and the team is ramping up efforts to make this a reality.

How Nakamoto Plans to Expand into the Chinese Market

According to the game platform, its team is working towards covering all bases to have a massive penetration into the Chinese market. Working on its foresight, the game mentioned it launched a Chinese language Telegram group in 2021.

The group offers its Chinese audience a platform to relate to the brand and get the latest updates. Also, the team has translated the current website of Nakamoto Games into Chinese. It is worth mentioning that the game plans to launch a new website in English.

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It has revealed its intentions to release a Chinese version with the English version. With this, gamers from all regions can participate in events, play, have fun, and share in the same prize pools.

Highlights of Communication Plans for the Market Expansion

Nakamoto Games announces that it will offer technical support in addition to establishing infrastructure for the Chinese market. The team plans to invest heavy resources into marketing campaigns and has engaged support staff and executives who speak Chinese.

The goal is to have the perfect marketing strategies to onboard crypto enthusiasts and gamers in China. The platform also mentioned that it is currently researching the best way to engage its Chinese audience on social media platforms, such as Weibo and WeChat.

Additionally, the team is exploring options to establish connections to the market via discussion communities, such as forum posts on Tianya and Baidu or QQ.

The game further reiterates that its plans to expand into the Chinese market are a long-term goal. According to the team, these plans align with the primary ethos of its ecosystem, which is to bring Web3 gaming to everybody, everywhere, irrespective of their income or skill levels.

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