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Nakamoto Games Releases Development Updates

The play-to-earn gaming platform with 150 live games, Nakamoto Games, has released its development updates highlighting the extensive plans the team has for the week. The updates focus on multi-chain NFTs, Arcade Emporium Launch, three play-to-earn games, mobile app development, and share-to-earn service launch.

According to the game, its team is consistently working to implement many platform upgrades to deliver the ultimate metaverse and play-to-earn experience to its users.

Highlights of New Play-to-earn Games Development

In light of this, the development team is working on three new play-to-earn game titles this week. These game titles are Sky Hover, Hover Racing, and Archery Siege. The team plans to add new games to the ever-expanding game suite of Nakamoto Games.

This will bring the game platform closer to its goal of becoming the one-stop destination for metaverse and game enthusiasts.

Highlights of the New Share-to-Earn Service

Nakamoto Games also mentioned that its team focuses on developing and implementing its new Share-to-Earn service. According to the platform, the new service will enable users to earn passive income by sharing game links. 

Others can use these links to play games on the platform and buy in-game assets. Nakamoto Games said it will implement both the front-end and back-end of this earning mechanism this week.

What to Know about the Arcade Emporium

This is a service designed to introduce a lucrative earning opportunity to members of the Nakamoto Games community. The Arcade Emporium will feature numerous games, including NAKAR, Brawler Master, and Pinball. The game platform said it will implement the games’ contracts this week and bring them to the Arcade Emporium.

Highlights of Nakaverse NFT and Mobile App

The game also revealed that its team will continue working on the highly-anticipated game mobile app. In addition, it will work on the re-design of the official website of Nakamoto Games. It will also work on the Nakaverse NFT avatars for both DogeChain and ReefChain. 

The team is focused on enhancing platform features to ensure the satisfaction of the community. The game emphasized that it will continue to grow in the booming GameFi industry. It also urges its community members to stay tuned and watch out for more development news across its channels.

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