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Outlanders Releases Weekly Development Updates

The open-world MMORPG game metaverse that combines Move-to-Earn and GameFi, Outlanders, has released its weekly development updates. The recent updates highlight plans the game platform has been working on ahead of its game launch.

This update covers details of the game’s Survival Mode, Immersive Ecosystem Upgrade, Customized experience with Weapons and New Characters, and more. According to the game platform, the team has designed the onboarding process carefully.

It has also removed the entry barriers that affect many play-to-earn games. This is to make it seamless for both non-crypto native and crypto-native gamers. This ensures that irrespective of whether a player has a web3 wallet or not, they can access Outlanders.

Highlights of Outlanders Survival Mode

Outlanders mentioned it is working on the development of the Survival Mode of the game and it will launch with the complete MMORPG game. According to Outlanders, the team is in the process of implementing content for the action-packed mode, which is created for players who enjoy the excitement of high-level combat.

It further revealed that the Survival Mode will test the combat prowess and endurance of players. They have to strive to remain alive as they battle mythical beasts and monsters. These players will only have their best items curated while exploring the virtual world to contend with these special creatures.


Highlights of the Immersive Ecosystem Upgrade

Outlanders reiterated that its virtual world, Farworld, is created to host many gamers interested in forging their story and identity in the ecosystem. Therefore, its team is working to put things in place and make the vision a reality. According to the platform, the team is making progress and getting closer to releasing the full MMORPG game. 

Highlights of New Weapons and Characters for Customized Experience

The game also mentioned it has been working consistently to improve different game features and create more immersive gaming experiences. It mentioned that its design team is focusing on improving the graphics and details of the game with various weapons and characters.

Users will have the freedom to choose any weapon and character they want in-game. The team plans to design more in-game weapons, including bows, axes, swords, and maces, which players can explore.

Players will also have the freedom to select their preferred game characters from different races. The goal is to enable players to curate their identities and expand the gameplay.

Outlanders has assured its users that the team is getting closer to the full release of its immersive MMORPG and promises it will exceed users’ expectations.

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