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Warlands NFT Announces the Bug Hunter Contest for February 20th

Warlands NFT has announced that it will launch the Bug Hunter Contest on the 20th of February. This also coincides with the product launch. The team is using this opportunity to encourage players to test the game. Users will earn exciting prizes for identifying bugs, reporting these defaults and participating in the community.

Warlands will reward participants who help the development team identify errors within the game. There will also be a leaderboard that will rank players according to the number of bugs they report. In addition, users can also win game chests and other digital assets.

Each week, contestants will earn the following prizes:

  • 1st position: $60
  • 2nd position: $30
  • 3rd position: $10
  • 4th to 10th positions: $5 each

Note: If two or more players report the same number of bugs and there is a tie, Warlands will decide the winner via a raffle.

How to Join the Warlands NFT Bug Hunter Contest

Warlands NFT Bug Hunter Report Form

Warlands NFT also issued a guide for users who want to join the Bug Hunter Contest. This ranges from registration to reporting glitches.

Below are the steps to join the competition:

  • Visit the Warlands NFT website.
  • On the webpage, register and create an account.
  • After creating an account, fill out the Bug Hunter access form. Ensure to use the same email that is linked to your account.
  • Proceed to download the game using this official link. Do not use third-party or untrusted links.
  • With access to the game, join the Warlands Discord Server.
  • Once you have access to discord, open a ticket and request for the Bug Hunter role.
  • You will be given 100 free game tickets if your request is approved. The team may increase the amount and there are no set dates for you to use them.

Now that you have access to the game, the next step is to begin playing. It is only through engaging in gameplay that players can identify defaults. If you notice any mishaps, ensure to report them to the Warlands Development Team.

Follow these steps to report a bug:

  • Open a ticket in the selected Discord channel using your mail and the subject Bug Hunted.
  • Fill out this form to inform the dev team of the bug you discovered. When making your report, ensure to include the version of Warlands that you are playing.
  • Do not report the same bug twice. Doing so may result in your submission getting excluded from the final result.

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