Nakamoto Games Expands to Hong Kong and China with Crypto License
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Nakamoto Games Expands to Hong Kong and China with Crypto License

Nakamoto Games, a company known for its Web3 and P2E gaming, wants to grow even more. They have done a great job introducing the idea of earning money from games in partnership with the Thai Government. And now, they are trying to get a crypto license in Hong Kong as well.

This special license will allow them to offer their services in Asia and reach even more people.

Helping Gamers Earn Money

Firstly, they believe that gamers can make money from their skills. They have a platform where players can earn income by playing many games. They want to come up with a platform that makes players happy and helps them earn as well.

Nakamoto Games Expanding the P2E System

Secondly, the company is working on expanding its P2E system. They are joining hands with governments and other companies around the world to make gaming even better. By getting a license in Hong Kong, they will be able to offer their services in both Hong Kong and China. This is an important step for them and crypto gaming as well.

Nakamoto is Helping Gamers Earn Money

Focusing on Mobile Gaming      

Thirdly, Nakamoto Games knows that many people love playing games on their mobile phones. That’s why they are concentrating on regions where mobile gaming is popular. They are excited to announce that they will soon release their first web3 mobile app. This app is made for gamers who want to play on the go. It’s perfect for the gaming culture in Hong Kong and China.

Building a Complete Web3 System in Nakamoto Games

The company is proud to have created a very big web3 system for crypto gaming. They have over 180 games, a metaverse, a marketplace, a collection of special digital items, and a strong system for game developers. They don’t just want to be a web3 system, they want to become a fundamental part of the entire web3 gaming world.

Reaching Players Around the World

Finally, Nakamoto Games wants to reach as many players as possible. They are working hard to spread the word about their platform to players all over the world. They know that the web3 gaming industry is growing fast, and they are proud to be part of this exciting revolution. You can explore the official website to find out more about their activities.

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