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The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 Drops on March 3rd

By 3 PM UTC on the 3rd of March 2022, Sandbox Alpha Season 2 will be coming to the Sandverse. Just like Season 1, it promises to be an awesome experience. Here are things to expect from this second season.

Details of the Sandbox Alpha Season 2

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 will feature 35+ new experiences. Users with a TSB account will be able to participate in all of them. Season 2 also features 18 experiences from Season 1. However, the game is upgrading them to fit this second edition. There will also be 5 new forms of gameplay. This will be alongside 4 new user-built GameMakerFund experiences and 3 new IP experiences.

A brand new transportation HUB is also coming to the Sandbox metaverse. Players can now access the game from both Mac devices and PCs. You can get a chance to earn an alpha pass by completing 200 Quests. Unlike season 1, players can access all 35+ experiences without an alpha pass. However, users with an Alpha pass can earn up to 1000 SAND in this subsequent edition.

In season 2, Blond:ish will be the DJ residing in Club XYZ. This disc jockey will be giving you mixes for you to dance at the club. There are also two extended tracks from this dj. As such, users should turn up their volumes when in the Sandbox metaverse and enjoy these mixtapes.

How to get an Alpha Pass in S2

Sandbox Season 2 Alpha Pass

There are various ways to earn a pass in S2. One of such is the through the raffle draws. The more raffle tickets you have, the more your chances of earning an alpha pass. However, the raffle will take place on the 31st of March. This is also the end of Sandbox Alpha Season 2. If you are lucky, the game will contact you via email. Get more details of draws from this article by Sandbox.

Another way to earn a Sandbox pass is by participating in social contests. There will be series of social media competitions from the 3rd to the 23rd of March. They will be available every weekday on the Sandbox website. To increase your chances of winning, complete one new activity + tweet every day of week except weekends. Winners will be selected randomly every week.

Finally, players can also buy an alpha pass from other users from Opensea. However, be very careful during transactions. Avoid buying fake or scam passes. Only use the links that Sandbox will provide when buying a Sandbox Season 2 Alpha Pass.

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