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Splinterlands Outlines the Splintershards 2022 Roadmap

The year 2021 has been quite a significant year for Splinterlands game. It is in 2021 that it launched the Splintershards ($SPS) tokens. In 2021, the game also started airdropping SPS to members of its community. With the end of the year just hours away, the game is issuing its plans for the SPS in 2022. This announcement came via the Splinterlands Peakd Page. Here are the details of the Splintershards 2022 Roadmap.

Talking Points of the Splintershards 2022 Roadmap

One of the major talking points of the SPS roadmap is the introduction of Validator Nodes. Splinters should expect the release of this feature in the first quarter of 2022. This is because underground work has been ongoing for some time. These Nodes with operate operate on a Validator Node Software. The software is an open source software that will enable anyone anyone to independently track and verify all $SPS transactions that take place on the Hive blockchain. Also, the software will allow users who stake $SPS tokens to vote for validators. Voting will follow the proof of stake design similar to the Hive blockchain.

The Splintershards 2022 Roadmap will also see to the launch of the Riftwatchers. Riftwatchers are a new mini-edition of cards that will drop in 2022. Interested buyers will only be able to use the $SPS tokens to make purchase. The proceeds from this sale will go to the Splintershards Foundation Treasury. $SPS Foundation currently holds about $4M worth of various cryptocurrencies, and it does not include the $SPS token. The Splintershards foundation utilizes its token as the utility token for the ownership and management of the SPS foundation treasury.

Speaking of $SPS, there are currently ongoing airdrops and distribution of private sale tokens. Splinterlands is using this opportunity to remind Splinters that these activities will be ending in coming months. The distribution of 20M SPS per month to private investors will end in April of 2022. While the airdropping of 33,333,333 SPS tokens per month and will end in July of 2022.

Land Expansion, Reward Pools and More

Land Expansion in the Splintershards 2022 Roadmap

Come 2022, Splinterlands will be launching the expansion of lands in its game. It will still reveal details of this expansion in coming days. Although the tokenomics details of the Lands are still in the works, it is expected that $SPS will feature majorly in that event. Users may most likely have to stake Splintershards tokens to be able to partake in the land sale when the expansion occurs. By 2022, the game also plans to open $SPS reward pools for various battles. It will also delegate staked $SPS tokens to certain accounts and requirements.

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