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Is PlayStation Going to Enter Web3?

PlayStation 5 is filing an NFT-related patent application which hints Sony’s interest to enter Web3. This is massive news since not many (read: any) tech giants have embraced NFTs publicly. However, this might not be the case for the tech giant Sony, active producers of PlayStation, submitted their patent application for NFTs. 

How do we know about the application?

Sony published the application last week which they had submitted in September 2021 in the United States. Sony has briefly outlined the intentions to create a digital infrastructure that would allow players to own and transfer in-game assets such as NFTs across various gaming platforms

What does the patent application contain? 

Sony suggested that these in-game assets could include in-game artworks, avatar, weapons, skins, or even a player’s gaming skills. But the most exciting bit is that the in-game assets could be connected over a network. 

For instance, you want to transfer your in-game assets from PlayStation to Xbox, perhaps that would be a possibility. But that’s not all, it could be connected via AR or VR headsets, mobile devices, and smart TVs.

Why should you look forward to this application’s outcome?

Imagine putting hours into Fortnite to get your hands on in-game assets such as weapons or skins. So these assets now belong to you—and are tied to Epic Games only. Therefore, you cannot transfer or sell these assets to other players, let alone outside of the game world or platform. 

Now that you have acquired these prestigious in-game collectibles but you don’t have the means to withdraw them from the system or you can not access them due to a technical failure. This scenario means you invested your time for nothing. Web3 and Blockchain technology has a solution to this problem.

Sony has, perhaps, decided to combat such frustrating issues. Perhaps that’s why the core of this patent is to transfer these in-game assets to another console or device easily. 

Sony is finally into Web3

Sony might have dismissed the idea of entering Web3 previously. However, Sony’s VP of Network Advertising, Loyalty, and Licensed Merchandise said that it is “definitely not NFTs and you can’t trade or sell them.” 

Sony had a notoriously isolated ecosystem in the past, but they ultimately allowed cross-play. Closed ecosystem is the norm, so it would be interesting to see the results. 

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