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Metastrike and ImmutableX Revolutionize Play-to-Earn Gaming with New Partnership


  • Metastrike and Immutable join forces aiming to revolutionize users’ gaming experience by integrating ImmutableX into the shooter.
  • This collaboration is expected to bring faster and more cost-effective transactions, improving game fluidity and ensuring asset ownership security.
  • This partnership represents a significant advancement for the “play-to-earn” gaming industry, offering players the opportunity to enjoy an enhanced and secure gaming experience.

Metastrike and Immutable have announced a collaboration that aims to revolutionize users’ gaming experience. The partnership involves integrating ImmutableX, a Layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, into the first-person shooter.

The integration will bring a series of significant benefits to Metastrike players. Firstly, transactions are expected to be faster and more cost-effective, enhancing game fluidity and allowing users to enjoy a smoother and uninterrupted experience. Additionally, the collaboration will ensure the security of asset ownership within the game, enabling players to securely own and manage their items.

Metastrike, known for its focus on visual quality and advanced gameplay. Offers players a gaming environment inspired by the success of titles like CSGO and Call of Duty. With the integration of ImmutableX, the game aims to continue its focus on visual appeal while also improving the overall user experience. Providing a more efficient and secure way to interact with in-game assets.

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Metastrike: A Visual Experience to Another Level

On the other hand, Immutable is a leading company in the gaming industry. Well-known for its involvement and focus on building secure and accessible web3 games for all players. The collaboration with Metastrike is a reinforcement and proof of its constant dedication to providing high-quality gaming experiences centered on users and the community at large.

The partnership represents a significant advancement for the “play-to-earn” gaming industry. Offering players the opportunity to enjoy an enhanced and secure gaming experience. With faster transactions, secure asset ownership, and smoother gameplay.

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