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Honor World Dragon Treasure Short Video Creation Competition Goes Live

Honor World has launched a Dragon Treasure Short Video Creation Competition. The game has been making positive headlines in recent times. Not too long ago, the team launched the Honor Park – an all-in-one platform for comprehensive gaming.

The aim of this contest is to foster gaming by encouraging players to share their gameplay experience. Doing this will give interested users insight into what the game has in store for them. Besides that, people tend to trust user-generated content than regular promotions from brands.

Shortly after, Honor World made significant upgrades to the Dragon Treasure. This include introducing a new pet system that features powerful in-game characters.

Details of theΒ  Honor World Dragon Treasure Short Video Creation Competition

Honor World Dragon Treasure Guidelines

Honor World Dragon Treasure Short Video Creation Competition goes live on the 22nd of March. This contest will continue till 8:00 AM UTC on the 5th of April. Within this period, participants will share their amazing gameplay experience with their friends on different social media platforms.

The team is setting aside 20,000 $HWT and 60 soul crystals as the prize pool for this event. They will be rewarding top 3 users with the best entries with 10,000 $HWT. Below is how this prize will be shared:

  • 1st position: 5,000 $HWT
  • 2nd position: 3,000 $HWT
  • 3rd position: 2,000 $HWT

Apart from these individuals, the Honor World will select 10 random contestants and give them 1,000 $HWT each. Furthermore, another 20 random participants will receive 3 soul crystals each.

How to Participate

To join this competition, players must create short videos about Dragon Treasure. This ranges from project introduction and gaming strategy to gameplay scenes. After recording the video, upload it on any of the following platforms:

  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • YouTube Go
  • Vimeo
  • Mico
  • Kwai
  • Likee
  • Vmate

Once they have successfully uploaded the video, contestants must fill out this form to complete their entry. Failure to complete this step renders your entry as void.

Submitting a plagiarized content will result in automatic disqualification. Honor team will determine the final results by specific criteria to judge the works of participants.

Below are the basis for ranking and their respective values:

  • Engagement: 50%
  • Ingenuity: 10%
  • Attention to detail: 10%
  • Video and audio quality : 10%
  • Attraction: 20%

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