Torque Motorsports and Konig Wheel Partnership
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Torque Motorsports Partners with Konig to Launch Interoperable Wheel NFTs

Torque Motorsports is collaborating with Konig Wheels to launch Interoperable Wheel NFTs. This eSports racing ecosystem is the go-to option for both web2 and web3 players. As such, it wants to develop digital assets that are functional across all games in its portfolio.

While making the announcement, Animoca Brands shared their reasons for working with Konig Wheels. The CEO of Grease Monkey Games considers Konig to be the most recognizable wheel brand globally. As such, Torque Motorsports wants to exploit this benefit and stand tall against the competition.

They have redefined the process of car tuning and endeared themselves to automotive fans. This is because they use actual data and feedback from their race teams to produce both cast and forged wheels. Animoca wants to bring the realness of racing into digital ownership through these wheel NFTs.

Details of Torque Motorsport Plans for Interoperable Wheel NFTs

Torque Motorsports Interoperable Wheel NFTs

Sometime ago, Torque Motorsports had to cease the operation of F1® Delta Time. This caused a significant ripple within the ecosystem. One of the reasons is that the digital assets were limited to just that game. As such, the team needed to exchange players’ in-game items with similar ones from other gaming options.

Achieving this feat was no easy hurdle, as some users had significantly upgraded their inventories. As such, finding a suitable replacement was a significant challenge. This is why Torque Motorsports is launching interoperable wheel NFTs that cuts across all the games in its ecosystem. So that, users can easily migrate to other gaming options if their favourite ceases to operate.

These digital assets will be minted on the Polygon blockchain, as part of Torque Motorsports’ plans to eliminate carbon debt. Players can use it to upgrade their cars in Torque Drift 2, Torque Drift, and Torque Burnout. Meanwhile, this Animoca Brand subsidiary will launch a weekly challenge later in the year to incorporate these in-game items. Those who participate in this event will get the newly-launched NFTs as rewards.

Furthermore, users are encouraged to purchase these digital assets when they are released. The reason is that those holding Premium Keychain NFTs will get exclusive early access to Torque Drift 2 before the general beta release. More so, this will occur within the first 6 months of 2023.

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