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Elf Matrix Launches Whitelisting Event for Origin Elf NFT Sale

Elf Matrix, an upcoming play-to-earn NFT-based game on Polygon and BSC, has announced the launch of the whitelisting event for its Origin Elf NFT sale. The event is currently ongoing and will last until March 25 at 1:00 pm UTC.

A total of 4,000 whitelist winners will be randomly selected to participate in the Elf NFT sale. It is worth mentioning that there are four categories of NFTs that will be available during the Origin Elf NFT sale event. These are Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

What is Origin Elf NFT?

Origin Elf is the first Elf in existence and there will be a total of 4096 Origin Elf that will ever be minted. This makes them extremely rare. The elf is designed to hatch from matrix stones and these will be available to the public to purchase on the official Elf Matrix site.

Suffice to mention that Origin Elf has a high chance of hatching with rare properties when compared to the regular Elf. Many benefits are associated with owning an Origin Elf. These benefits include exclusive metatags, access to beta gameplay, $EMT Token airdrop, access to VIP events, access to NFT drops, low ID numbers, and higher purity tiers.

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Owning more than one Origin Elf NFT will give holders access to the platform’s VIP summoning event before the launch of the game. Holders will be able to use their two Origin Elf to summon a generation 1 Elf without impacting on the summon counts of the Origin Elf. Also, an original buyer of Origin NFTs will gain access to different airdrops of Elf Matrix’s primary token, $EMT.

Highlights of the Whitelisting Event

The whitelisting event is open to everyone. Interested participants will receive entries into a raffle and 4,000 randomly selected winners will emerge and be allotted the whitelist position. The whitelisting event will start on March 14 and ends on March 25.

It is important to mention that only whitelisted wallet addresses will have a chance to participate in the Origin Elf NFT Sale. Any interested person in the upcoming sale is expected to participate in the whitelist event to get a raffle and stand a chance to get whitelisted.

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