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Vent Finance Launches the Vent Ambassador Program V2

Vent Finance is launching the latest version of the Vent Ambassador Program – V2. This aims to reward loyal Ventorians for participating in various community activities. Selected members will get 1st hand professional crypto experience. They will also earn $VENT and help to build the Vent Finance vision for DeFi in their local community.

Details of the Vent Ambassador Program V2

The Vent Ambassador Program V2 is for individuals who believe in VENT and are passionate about Crypto. Vent Finance will be launching this program by 6 PM UTC on the 14th of March. Below are the different categories of the Ambassadors for the Vent Program V2:

Local Community Managers: Vent Finance is seeking Local Community Managers for the following regions: Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Russia, and Vietnam. Users will serve as moderators and managers in their local communities. Also, you will translate Vent’s post, drive engagement and respond to questions regarding the firm. As a LCM, users can earn up to 1500 $VENT per month.

Social Media Warriors: To become a social media warrior, users must have at least 100 followers on their platforms. They will also like, retweet and comment on VENT’s post. Create content to increase brand awareness. Also, they will engage with a list of accounts on their preferred social media platforms. Selected persons can earn up to 500 $VENT per month.

Content Creators: Content creators will create, share or interact with comment to promote the Vent Finance brand. You can share these articles, pictures or videos on your blogs or YouTube channel. However, you MUST mention or give a shout to Vent Finance in your content in a month. Like social media warriors, you can also earn 500 $VENT per month

Project Scouters: Project scouters in the Vent Ambassador Program are similar to business developers. Similarly, they will source for projects that have potential to be launched on the Vent launchpad. Before giving a report, project scouters will have to break down and curate relevant data of these new projects they find. This will enable Vent to develop arrangements to make the project listing a reality. You can earn up to 2000 $VENT if the project is launched by VENT.

Regional KOL Managers: As a Regional KOL Manager you will manage a local KOL Network. You will also provide VENT team with local KOL leads or auditing. Compensation is up to 500 $VENT per month.

ACTA Finance to Launch IDO on Ventup

ACTA is set to launch three rounds of its IDO on the Vent launchpad. These rounds will be spread across 9 AM to 5 PM UTC o Monday the 14th of March 2022. More details are in the Vent Announcement Channel.

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