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Honor World to Launch Dragon Treasure Season 7 on March 28th

Honor World has announced that it will be launching Dragon Treasure Season 7 on the 28th of March. Earlier this month, the team launched the short video creation competition. That contest is still ongoing, and interested individuals can submit their entries before the 5th of April.

While issuing that update, they also stated that players would enjoy the pet system in this contest. Meanwhile, the team took out time to appreciate members for their contribution. One of those is giving feedback on the pet system. Honor World also reassured community members of their commitment to introducing exciting gameplay features.

Details of the Honor World Dragon Treasure Season 7

As mentioned above, this competition will go live at 8:00 UTC on the 28th of March. This event will end at 8:00 UTC on the 5th of April. Within these 16 days, participants will vie for a prize pool of 200,000 $HWT and 800 Mystery Crystals.

Honor World Dragon Treasure Season 7 will feature a twist. Instead of the regular ranking process, there will be significant changes to the leaderboard. There will be multiple ratings, and each of them will have its respective prizes. The team will unveil further details when the competition goes live.

Honor World $HWT Token Burning

To keep players up to date with the latest updates, Honor World is introducing a new notification system. With this feature in place, users will receive the latest information about this directly in their mailbox. This will ensure that no one misses out on crucial aspects of this event.

Meanwhile, 300,000 $HWT will be burned in an upcoming token-burning exercise. This will ensure the rewards that players earn are valuable. Furthermore, the team promises extensive token burns in the future.

Other Events

Alongside Dragon Treasure Season 7, Honor World is also launching two other events. One of them is the Recycling Quest, which will go live by 8:00 UTC on the 29th of March. The new edition of this contest will run for 2 days instead of the usual 24 hours. This gives people ample opportunities to earn significant rewards.

In addition, Honor World is updating the Souldbound event. The team is increasing the number of binded $HWT to ensure that players get more significant rewards. Besides the tokens, users will also get more Soul Crystals as incentives.

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