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Crabada announces Week 39 Arena Challenge with More Rewards

Were you waiting for the new weekly challenges by Crabada to win new and exciting rewards? The wait is now over! Crabada announces Week 39 Arena Challenge beginning from 27th March and ending on 2nd April. 

So what does this new Weekly Challenge have for you? 

If you know, you know that Crabada tweaks rules and mechanics for every Weekly Arena Challenge. These changes help in keeping the gameplay immersive and fresh.

New rules and mechanics

Crabada has posted these rules and mechanics for this Week 39 Arena Challenge! 

Also, remember, Crabada has made these mechanics effective ONLY to Arena Mode this week. 

New Level Limit

If you participate in this week’s Arena battles, remember this week’s level limit is 150.

Arena Tickets Refill

Crabada will make the game more fun by refilling Arena Tickets every two hours instead of 4 hours. Also, you’ll be able to get 6 Tickets maximum. 

Generation’s First Gain

This week Genesis Crabada has gained 25% base states. 


There’s an 80% chance for you to transform into a Legend Crabada if Genesis Crabada has an active potion. However, your transformation solely depends on the potions. You can find more details on their announcement page. 

Secret Weapon and Stronghold

Since one Crabada will be hidden in the opponent’s lineup, you will see only two Crabadas. 

Despite that, If you manage to pull off a successful Defense, you will not earn any Arena Point. However, an unsuccessful Defense will deduct your AP. 

No Extraordinary Advantages

Crabada keeps the Factional and Formation Advantage normal this week. 

AP tiers

This week’s Arena Challenge will have a player split into different tiers on the basis of their AP. You can check out their announcement on the medium to find more details on the recent tier. 

New points and rewards structure

Apart from the tweaks in the rules and mechanics, the game platform also announced the new Arena Point reward structure and requirements. Have a look at what’s new here! 

Crabada Top Player’s Rewards

If you manage to get into the Top 10 Arena Player’s this week, you will get USDC rewards. And if you manage to make it into the Top 500, you will get Rubies. Not only that, but you will also get Material Chests. 

All-players-can-win-this rewards

The platform certainly doesn’t want those participating to feel left out if you didn’t end up in the Top 500. So participants who couldn’t make it to the Top 500 will get User EXP as a reward. All in all, you can get Crystal Shells for just participating. 

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