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SecondLive Introduces AI Companion: Here the Details


  • SecondLive has launched its AI Eco-Partner Program along with the “AI Companion” feature, targeting over 5 million users.
  • The “AI Companion” feature provides users with their own artificial intelligence companion to provide companionship, emotional support, and entertainment.
  • SecondLive will host events where users can earn rewards by interacting with their AI Companion.

SecondLive has announced the launch of its AI Eco-Partner Program, along with the official introduction of the “AI Companion” feature. Over 80 partners from various industries have joined this program, collectively representing over 5 million users. The main goal of the program is to recognize and reward community support through various initiatives.

The “AI Companion” feature is the latest addition to SecondLive, offering users the opportunity to have their own artificial intelligence companion. This virtual companion is designed to provide companionship, emotional support, and entertainment to users. From being a companion in virtual adventures to providing a sympathetic ear for conversation, it will be characterized by versatility and fun.

As part of the AI Eco-Partner program, SecondLive will host a series of events for the community. The “Co-giveaway,” where users will have the opportunity to win rewards by participating in gift events organized by ecosystem partners. Details about these events can be found on SecondLive’s and its partners’ social media channels.

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SecondLive Aims for Expansion Through AI and Web3

Another scheduled event is the “Intimacy Ranking Challenge,” which offers bi-weekly rewards for users who actively interact with their AI Companion. During this challenge, users must engage in conversations with their AI companion. Prizes include $VLIVE and $BEAN tokens, with different amounts for the top ten spots.

Additionally, SecondLive also offers helpful resources for users who wish to learn more about interacting with their companion. A detailed guide is available on its official website, providing information on getting started and making the most of this intriguing feature.

SecondLive’s goal is to create a comprehensive Web3 internet marketing hub serving one billion people. With AI and XR technology at its core, the platform continues to innovate and offer unique experiences to its users.

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