UFO Gaming Discloses 1st Patch Notes for Super Galactic Closed Beta
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UFO Gaming Discloses 1st Patch Notes for Super Galactic Closed Beta


  • Closed Beta Updates: UFO Gaming has released the first patch notes for the closed beta of Super Galactic, featuring enhancements to the game client, PVP/PVE modes, and a Web 3.0 interface for blockchain integration.
  • Player Feedback Role: The development team is rolling out updates based on player feedback, including improved visuals, AI pathfinding, and quest mechanics to enrich the gaming experience.
  • Gameplay Enhancements: The patch notes detail various gameplay improvements such as AI targeting logic, quest durability, and network stability, all aimed at providing a more immersive and stable play-to-earn experience in the Dark Metaverse.

UFO Gaming has disclosed the first patch notes for the closed beta of its debut game, Super Galactic. The announcement marks a major milestone in the game’s evolution, which the gaming community has eagerly anticipated.

Super Galactic, the flagship game of UFO Gaming, has now entered its beta phase. The game, which is set in the Dark Metaverse, offers players a unique play-to-earn gaming experience. The closed beta phase follows the successful completion of the alpha testing phase, where 1200 players were chosen to test the game’s action-packed single-player mode.

The first patch notes reveal significant enhancements to the game client and gameplay mechanics, including Player versus Player (PVP) and Player versus Environment (PVE) modes. The upcoming closed and open-beta releases aim to enhance the gaming journey by integrating a Web 3.0 interface. This feature allows players to explore the game’s core and blockchain integration, highlighting the potential of decentralized gaming.

The creators of Super Galactic extend their heartfelt gratitude to their dedicated player base for their continued support and engagement. The team acknowledges the invaluable role that player feedback, suggestions, and bug reports play in shaping a superior gaming experience.

The Role of Player Feedback in UFO Gaming’s Development Process

UFO Gaming Discloses 1st Patch Notes for Super Galactic Closed Beta

Due to the valuable feedback from the players, the first set of updates and fixes are soon to be rolled out to enhance the gaming experience. The client update is expected to occur in a few days. Here’s what players can expect:

  1. Enhanced Visuals: A blind status post-processing effect has been implemented in the browser for a more immersive experience.
  2. AI Pathfinding Improvements: Issues with AI pathfinding have been addressed; payload and hostage quests no longer get stuck, ensuring smoother mission completions.
  3. AI Targeting Logic: AI characters now refrain from targeting players mid-jump, enhancing gameplay realism.
  4. Quest Durability: HP for payload and hostage quests has been increased to balance challenge and playability.
  5. Crisp Quest Icons: Quest icons have been updated to be sharper and clearer, making them easier to identify during gameplay.
  6. Protect Building Quest Enhancements:
    • Completion time has been extended to 30 seconds for added challenge.
    • HP has been increased for better quest durability.
    • Enemy tactics have been improved to surround the building more effectively.
  1. Network Transition: The PC version has switched to Amoy Testnet to improve network stability and performance.
  2. PC Login Fix: Issues with PC build login have been resolved, ensuring smoother access for all players.

This is an exciting time for all Super Galactic players, and the team looks forward to continuing to improve the game based on player feedback. Stay tuned for more updates.

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