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Genopets Reveals Details of KI Token Unlock Abilities 

Following the recently concluded Genesis Habitat Minting and the KI Token LaunchGenopets has revealed the details of the abilities of its KI Token. It is worth mentioning that the minted Genesis Habitats are the only set that will ever exist within the Genoverse. 

Each Habitat is unique featuring stunning 3D landscape NFTs that will boost the evolution and enhancement of users’ Genopets. The Habitats will offer owners the ability to refine their mined crystals and regularly earn KI Token. All these will unlock doors to a beautiful world of benefits, earning opportunities, and in-game features.

What are the Unlock Abilities of the KI Token in Genopets?

Owning a Habitat improves the gameplay possibilities of players. It will enable players to take part in basic move-to-earn and convert Energy to KI Token for all steps taken. Interestingly, this is only the beginning of the rewards associated with being a Habit owner. Here are some ways to earn with the KI Token:

Crystal Refinement

The Habitats can spawn one of the different unrefined crystals of Elemental Classes, including Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, and Earth. Users can harvest associated unrefined crystals and utilize their KI to refine them within their Habitat Laboratory

This will transform the unrefined crystals into Refined Genotype Crystal NFTs. Note that you need 10 KI Tokens to complete each unrefined crystal and refine it into a Refined Genotype Crystal NFT.


Habitat Upgrades

There are three Habitat levels with each having its benefits. Users can upgrade and increase the capacity of their Habitats with the KI Token. With the KI Token, you can refine, spawn, craft, sell, and use a bigger quantity of Refined Crystals. You need 2,400 KI Tokens to upgrade from a level-1 Habitat to a level-2 Habitat and 3,000 KI to upgrade from a level-2 Habitat to a level-3 Habitat.


This is an advanced method of recipe crafting using Refined Genotype Crystals. With Alchemists, you can refine the unrefined crystals to enable them to carry out crystal-based crafting, including terraforming new Habitats. Suffice to mention that there are currently over 70 crystal-based recipes that you can create with Refined Genopets Crystals and KI.

Repair and Restoration

You can also use the KI Token to refine raw crystals into Refined Genotype Crystals to repair your Habitat. You can also restore it with KI if it gets dormant. These will both increase its lifespan and make it generate more KI Tokens for you.

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