Axie Infinity Introduces Origin Tail Cards
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Axie Infinity Introduces Origin Tail Cards

Axie Infinity is giving members of its community sneak peaks at the Origin Tail Cards. According to Axie, these are not the final version of the cards. As such, the game is advising players against making final decisions based on teasers. They are dynamic and will change according to the feedback from lunacians.

Features of the Axie Infinity Origin Tail Cards

There are Bird, Aquatic, Bug, Reptile, Beast and Plant origin tail cards. Each card has their different purposes in the course of gameplay. Below are the different cards:


  • Koi – Deal 15 bonus damage per aquatic ally.
  • Nimo – You gain 1 energy when you draw the Nimo card.
  • Tadpole – This card allows you to shuffle 1 Jinx into the discard pile of your opponent.
  • Ranchu – With the Ranchu card, you can attack all enemies. You can also apply Weak for 2 turns.
  • Navaga – When you use the Navaga card, you can deal 15 more damage.
  • Shrimp – Using this card as your initial will enable you to attack the furthest enemy.


  • Cottontail – This card helps you heal any ally and gain 1 energy.
  • Rice – With Rice, users can steal 40 HP gain They will also gain 1 energy if the Axie’s HP is full.
  • Shiba – this is more of an attack booster. It gives the team 3 rage if the HP of the Axie is below 50%.
  • Gerbil – Using Gerbil will enable you to attack the second-frontmost enemy of your opponent.
  • Nut Cracker – With all Nut Cracker cards, Axies can gain 6 damage during battle.
  • Hare – When used as your initial booster, you get to draw 1 card.


  • Swallow – Users can deal 15 more damage when they use this as their initial boost.
  • Feather Fan – You can deal 4 random hits. Also, you gain 1 feature for every enemy you hit with the Feather Fan.
  • The Last One – If this is the last card on your hand, you will deal 20 more damage to your opponent.
  • Cloud – It attacks the frontmost non-summoned enemy.
  • Granma’s Fan – This enables you to attack all enemies and applies vulnerable for 4 turns.
  • Post Fight – This Axie loses 35 HP after battle.


Bug Origin Tail Cards

  • Ant – This applies the Taunt skill to your in-game monster for 4 turns.
  • Twin Tail – Users with this booster can deal 2 hits.
  • Fish Snack – With this booster, you can target any ally. During the next turn, it applies Weak to the monster that attacks the ally for 4 turns.
  • Gravel Ant – It targets an ally and applies Fear to any enemy that attacks that ally for 4 turns.
  • Pupae – This booster targets an ally and give it 2 Damage Boosts if the target is attacked.
  • Thorny Caterpillar – Deals 50% more damage against debuffed enemies.

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