Decentraland Issues Comprehensive 2022 Manifesto
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Decentraland Issues Comprehensive 2022 Manifesto

Earlier on, Decentraland released its plans for 2022. In that update, it only gave insights to its plans for the year. Following that announcement, the game is issuing a more comprehensive Decentraland 2022 manifesto. Here are details of its more detailed roadmap for this year.

Detail of the Comprehensive Decentraland 2022 Manifesto

In the comprehensive Decentraland 2022 manifesto, it still reassures users of the decentralization of the Decentraland Foundation. Furthermore, it emphasizes that the platform will continue to exist, with or without the foundation. This virtual world game runs on an open source. As such, anyone can audit, extend and contribute to it. The ownership of governance data is secure on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, there is no central database where hackers can take away players’ virtual assets.

Current Developments

For some time, Decentraland has been working on more ways through which players can access the game. There is a desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. This app has an auto-update feature that ensures users get the best of experiences. There are also arrangements to incorporate VR into the course of gameplay.

This will take place after the launch of the desktop client, probably around Q2 or Q3. To incorporate the VR immersion, there will be certain changes to the game. Also, a mobile game prototype is currently in the works.

Very soon, users will be able to use NFTs from other outfits to customize their avatars. NFT emotes will also bring new moves to your in-game character and ensure further customization. Also on customization, players will be able to use wearables from other scenes to modify their in-game characters. Jetpacks, sword fights, laser tags, or portable radios will all be available, regardless of your location in the metaverse

Other Improvements

Decentralands Improvements Within the Game

Away from gaming and devices, there are also improvement to service delivery. This includes improvements to the voice chat system. There is also ongoing research on how to further decentralize the private chat system. The reason being that decentralizing this chatting system will help users scale friends and socialize better.

Despite plans to expand the game, Decentraland is also keeping the community a safe place to have fun. There will be improvements to lower the frictions between the decisions in the Dao and effects on the running code.

The game also has plans to begin an incubator program to bring more curators aboard. The first edition of this program will take place in March 2022. Also, a number of events are coming to the Decentraland metaverse. One of such is the four day fashion week in March.

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